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Ice Cube on movies, motorcycles, music

Actor says ‘Torque’ intentionally over the top
/ Source: The Associated Press

Ice Cube wants more drama.

Right now it’s all about action for the actor/director/rapper, who’s starring in the new motorcycle movie “Torque” with Monet Mazur, Jay Hernandez and Christina Milian.

But in an interview with Associated Press Television News, Cube discussed his desire to do art-house movies, his music career and his son attending the same high school he did.

AP: Had you ridden a bike before “Torque?”

Cube: Not something as big as that ... To get a chance to ride these things and to train with the trainers, meet with the stunt people and experts and motorcycle riders is something you couldn’t pay for.

AP: How many times did you fall?

Cube: Not once. My man Jay (Hernandez) fell. He fell once. He got a little road rash, but not me. I was lucky. I did not want to meet the gravel.

AP: The movie is being compared to “The Fast and the Furious.”

Cube: I think we’re a little more special than that because of the high octane and the shots. It feels like you’re in a video game. It feels a little more than just a couple of tires burning.

AP: The most important part is that it has a sense of humor.

Cube: Exactly. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. We’re over the top. Everybody has a little wisecrack here and there. Let the audience know, this is just a good time.

AP: What’s the next step movie wise?

Cube: I’ve always looked at my career as a building process. I’ve always wanted to get into (art house movies). I really want to do heavy drama. I do see that in the future. Hopefully in the near future. I really wanted to make sure I established myself in the business before I start taking a lot of different risks. I’m getting to a point where I believe that I’m going to be well-established as somebody where if you go see me in a movie you’re not going to waste your money. It’s not going to be just a waste of time.

AP: It seems that mainstream stars star in big-box-office flicks to have the muscle to do Oscar-winning (smaller) films.

Cube: Exactly, I just want to make sure that I’m established. ... Once I feel like OK, I’ve done it, then I’m going to go after the things that make movies special in this business.

AP: What’s the state of your music career at this point?

Cube: I just released a record with Westside Connection on Dec. 9 called ’Terrorist Threats.’ I’m still into the rapping hardcore. I’m going to do a solo album this year. Music is still at the forefront of my career.

AP: Is Westside Connection done?

Cube: It’s a done deal. It’s out. It was fun. It was good to get back together with the guys (Mack 10 and WC). We hadn’t done a record in 7 years.

AP: Any talk of getting back together again?

Cube: You never know. It’s just all about a vibe with me. Whatever’s the flavor of the day we are going to try to capture it.

AP: How would the solo stuff be different?

Cube: I think hip-hop has changed. When I first came out, hip-hop was more of a kind of way to learn about new places, new things. What are kids doing on the East coast, what are kids doing here. Then it left that and is like a party mode. I think it’s going back to people wanting to get messages and wanting to learn things from the music. I’m going to do that on my solo record.

AP: How does being older change your position in the world of rap?

Cube: I look at it like Karl Malone. He’s not a rookie, but he’s still one of the best power forwards out there. I’m not a rookie, but I still feel I’m one of the best rappers out there.

AP: How many kids do you have?

Cube: I have four kids. Ages 3, 9, 12 and 17.

AP: Talk to me about having a teenager.

Cube: It’s a trip. He goes to the same high school I went to out there in Woodland Hills. It’s funny to walk through the halls and to meet with some of the same teachers (I had).

AP: Any talk about riding motorcycles with the 17-year-old?

Cube: No. I don’t want him to get on a bike. He’s just now starting to get savvy on four wheels. Two wheels would take me over the top right now.