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'Honey Do' hunks don't mind making men jealous

The four handsome handymen from TLC's new series "Honey Do" are ready to inspire husbands to get to work around the house -- and they plan to do that by lending wives a hand.

Jonathan "The Foreman" Waud, Kevin "The Construction Man" Peake, Ben "The Painter" Patterson and Dan "The Handyman" Vickery stopped by TODAY Thursday morning to show off what it's all about.

But before they got to work in Studio 1A, one of guys got busy in a preview clip featuring a very hands-on homeowner.

The woman in the scene wrapped her hands around Patterson's waist while he worked, allegedly in an effort to help steady him on a stepstool.

"My thing is this: You're in my house, (so) I need you to feel comfortable and safe," she explained. "You need a spot? I'm your spotter."

So what did her husband think of the interaction? While his reaction wasn't shown, it's the all-important part of the show. These guys want to make the husbands a bit jealous.

"We're motivating (them) so that we don't have to come back and do the work for them," Patterson explained. "So they want to step up to the plate."

In other words, the best way to keep the hunks away is to learn to do what they do.

The guys even shared a few of their tricks of the trade during their TODAY visit. See the handy tips in the clip above.

"Honey Do" premieres June 17 at 10 p.m. on TLC.