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Hilton spreads rumors, mouths off

Someone is spreading rumors that Paris Hilton has a girlfriend. The rumor spreader? Paris Hilton herself.
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Someone is spreading rumors that Paris Hilton has a girlfriend. The rumor spreader? Paris Hilton herself.

The partying heiress was at a Halloween party at the Playboy mansion on Saturday when a female fan came up and asked Hilton if she could kiss her.

“Paris pointed to a girl with her and said, ‘This is my girlfriend she gets really mad,’” says our source. When the fan left, Hilton told her miffed friend, “Well she wanted to kiss me!”

The source says that while Paris was clearly using her “girlfriend” to deflect the overly zealous fan, the two were cozy for much of the evening. “Paris wouldn’t let go of the girl and the girl kept answering for Paris all night when people approached them,” says the insider. “Paris kept her arms around her at the bar in between chain-smoking.”

The source also says that Hilton was dressed like an angel, but had quite a potty mouth — using some colorful language when she had to wait in line for drinks and when she found out that her best friend and reality show co-star, Nicole Richie, was having trouble getting into the party.

“Paris’s cell phone rang and she said, ‘Nicole, where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you all night,’” our source says, and also remembers Hilton saying. “This party is so [bleeping] lame. We are the only cool people here.”

When Hilton found out that Richie was at the security gate and that a guard wouldn’t let her in, she threw a hissyfit. “She trails down the mansion drive, berating a security advisor,” says our source, who reports that Hilton, shouted at him, “Nicole Richie is at the gate.  Do you know who she is?  Let her [the bleep] in.”

Hilton’s reps didn’t return The Scoop’s calls, but our source reports that Hilton got her pal Richie into the party.

Kidman by a nose

Nicole Kidman poses for the photographers as she arrives for the premiere of her film \"Birth\" in New York
Australian actress Nicole Kidman poses for the photographers as she arrives for the premiere of her film \"Birth,\" in New York October 26, 2004. REUTERS/Bill DavilaStringer/usa / X01447

Nicole Kidman isn’t allowed to do her “Bewitched” nose wiggle in public.

The star has been out promoting her — and fans and interviewers alike have beseeched her to do the nose wiggle she plans to use in “Bewitched.” Kidman is starring in the role made famous by Elizabeth Montgomery in the television series that ran from 1964 to 1972 — which director Nora Ephron is bringing to the big screen in 2005. Montgomery played a housewife who used her powers of a witch only reluctantly, often with a wiggle of a nose.

“She’s worked very hard on that nose wiggle, and even had people who knew Montgomery [who died in 1995] to give her tips,” says the source. “It’s harder than you’d think. But the people behind the movie don’t want the public to see her technique until the movie comes out.”

Notes from all over

Donna Karan Celebrates The First 20 Years
NEW YORK - OCTOBER 25: Designer Donna Karan attends the celebration of her first 20 years October 25, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Donna KaranPeter Kramer / Getty Images North America

Looks like Donna Karan wants people to try Kabbalah on for size. The designer is hosting a book party for the latest tome from the controversial but trendy offshoot of Judaism. Donna Karan’s chic shop on Madison Avenue in Manhattan will the site for a bash for “Becoming Like God,” the book by Rabbi Michael Berg — which Demi Moore threw a launch party for in London. Some 300 guests are expected at November 10 party, says an insider.  . . . Sean "Puffy" Combs is planning on having a black carpet – not a red one – leading up to his birthday bash in New York this week, says a source.  . . . Ben Affleck was spotted with a dozen or more lingerie models shooting a scene from his upcoming movie. “Ben Affleck’s handlers are making no secret of their attempts to keep the beleaguered media magnet away from the press,” reports The Vancouver Province. “So it’s a giggle that they filmed a scene for his movie ‘Man About Town’ at the Global TV headquarters out in Burnaby last week.”

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