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‘Hills’ star Heidi Montag talks plastic surgery

Monday is the big season finale of MTV’s “The Hills” and Heidi Montag’s wedding is reportedly in jeopardy. But, in her actual reality, Montag is recovering from dealing with body-image issues that led her to totally transform her look. Now she reveals to “Access Hollywood’s” Maria Menounos what drove her to extremes.

“It was really something that had been tormenting me and I was very insecure about it,” Heidi said about the way her body looked before her cosmetic procedures.

“The Hills” star went under the knife back in April. Unhappy with her profile, Montag had a nose job. She also had a breast augmentation that took the A-cup reality star to a much more voluptuous size 32C.

“How long did it take you to make the decision?” Menounos asked Montag.

“I thought about it for several years and I waited until I had the finances and really thought about it and was old enough to really make a mature decision,” Montag said.

It was a decision that had Us Weekly screaming “Revenge Plastic Surgery.”

Despite the attention-grabbing headline, the 21-year-old said she made the choice after years of teasing and insecurity.

“What was it like when you first saw the results?” Menounos asked.

“I think I was just thrilled. I think honestly, it was like ‘Extreme Makeover,’” Montag said.

She admitted though that it took her a while to recover.

“I think women really don’t think it is as big a surgery and as big a deal as it is.” Montag said. “It takes your muscles and your tissues at least a year to fully heal.”

Still in that recovery phase, but at peace with herself, Montag is reaching out to others by partnering with Taco Bell for World Hunger Relief.

Thrilled with her new look, she has no regrets.

“It’s so crazy (just) how many people do get surgery. I mean girls are getting it for graduation.”

So what advice does she have for young people looking to enhance themselves by means of a surgeon’s knife?

“I would say it’s a personal decision but really wait and really think about it,” she said.