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Here comes the groom ... and the groom

Elton John is planning to become a married man.
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Elton John is planning to become a married man.

The flamboyant performer is saying that he wants to wed his longtime companion, David Furnish.

“We haven’t set a date and it surely won’t be a big public ceremony but I would like to place my life in his hands with a wedding vow,” John told the German weekly celebrity magazine Gala, as reported by Agence France Presse. John is in Berlin to accept Germany’s “Bambi” media award for his work to fight AIDS.

The 57-year-old admitted that in his boozy, druggy youth he lived “like a wild animal,” but added, “I have never been so happy.  . . . I cannot imagine a life without [Furnish].”

A source who knows the singer told the Scoop, “I didn’t hear him say those exact words, but I know those are his sentiments.” John’s rep, however, denies the story, saying “Elton’s not planning to marry David.”

By the book
Kitty Kelley would like to set some things straight with Sharon Bush.

Kitty Kelley Discusses New Bush Family Biography
WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 16: Author Kitty Kelley attends a book discussion at the National Press Club September 16, 2004 in Washington, DC. Kelley talked about her new book \"The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty.\" (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Kitty KelleyAlex Wong / Getty Images North America

The biographer quoted George W. Bush’s ex-sister-in-law on some of the more juicy tidbits in her best-selling tell-all “ — such as the president’s  alleged drug use while at Camp David. Sharon Bush later backtracked on those comments — even though third parties confirmed that she’d said such things.

“I have to believe that your untruths about our interviews were prompted in part by the fear you expressed to me and [a third party] about the Bushes and their power to retaliate as well as what you told us about your former husband’s ‘dark alley’ threats to you in a telephone message,” Kelley wrote last week in the letter to Sharon Bush which was obtained by The Scoop. “I realize you were going through a contentious divorce when you called me for lunch in April 2003 but allow me to remind you that it was your intention to leak our lunch to The New York Observer so that you could ‘pressure’ the Bushes into giving you a better alimony settlement because you knew they did not want you speaking to me.” Kelley wrote.

She went on to allege that the story was, indeed, leaked to the Observer and that Sharon Bush, in a subsequent conversation, mentioned “that your divorce settlement had been increased from $1000 to $2500 a month.”

Kelley explained that she’s been so busy promoting her book, she didn’t have time until recently to write to Sharon, but added, “I’m sending this letter to you so that the record is clear about my strong objections to your misrepresentations about our interviews.”

Sharon Bush’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment.

Notes from all over

NBC Summer TCA Tour - Day 1
LOS ANGELES - JULY 10: Executive producer of \"The Contender\", Sylvester Stallone, speaks with the press at the 2004 TCA Summer Press Tour at the Century Plaza Hotel on June 10, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Sylvester StalloneFrederick M. Brown / Getty Images North America

Sylvester Stallone’s 2000 flick, “Get Carter,” has been voted the worst remake of any film by (The 1971 version starred Sir Michael Caine.) The 1998 version of “Psycho” starring Anne Heche was the second stinkiest remake; “Planet of the Apes” and “Cape Fear” also made the top ten.  . . . Elizabeth Hurley and boyfriend Arun Nayar are rumored to be getting hitched this weekend –—if anyone still cares.  . . . Former Texas youth minister Joe Simpson — the father of reality star Jessica Simpson and lip-syncher — has been accused of betraying his traditional Christian roots because of the way he promotes his daughters’ careers. “I was accused of, ‘Your daughter doesn’t love God anymore; you’ve forsaken the church.’ All of that,” Joe Simpson said, reports World Entertainment News Network. “I was like, ‘You don’t even know me or know my family. How can you say that?’”

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