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Football? Let's talk about the ads (first quarter)

Update: End of first quarter: Thank you, Bridgestone. I just laughed out loud at the guy who thought he sent his email "reply all." Never done that. ... Oh, here's Go Daddy, it's Danica patrick and, oh, Joan Rivers is not wearing enough clothing. 

Update: Post-another Packers TD: Uh oh, 14-0 Packers. Hey, that was claymation, stop-action Eminem.

Update: This break brought to you by James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, and his next flick, "Cowboys & Aliens." Cool? ... Oh, hey, God wants a Kia.

Update: Post-Packers TD: Pepsi MAX is back and those cans are flying through the air again. ... And here's Doritos (is anyone eating anything besides Pepsi and Doritos today?) with grandpa brought back to life by the forgetful roomie. ... Hyundai just made me read large type.

Update: 3rd game break: That's no "Pirates of the Caribbean" ad, it's Bud Light again, for product placement. Ironic, given this day. ... Chevy is back and their truck is dragging a lot of big stuff around. ... Hey, I haven't seen a new "Too Fast, Too Furious" movie in a couple months. The Rock is back for another ride.

Update: 2nd game break: Here's Doritos again and that dude just had the cheese licked off his finger, and that other dude had cheese on his pants sniffed. Next! ... Chevy gets into the fray with old people who can't hear ... Pepsi MAX brings the first thrown can of the night. There will be more. From Pepsi. ... No score yet, it's early, but who's winning the ad war? The pug? Thought so.

Update: First game break: Finally! We had to watch four minutes of football without an ad ... Bud Light brings their first shot at comedy of the day, home improvement beer style. ... Here comes that Doritos pug! People have been laughing at this dog for a week already. ... Escape from luxury prison! Audi's much-hyped ad for the A8 features Kenny G. Really.

Update: Post-coin toss: Heads! Woo! It's the first car ad, for Ford. And the first bladder joke of the day. I'll be sitting here for four hours. Not funny.

Update: Post-Anthem: XTina just did her thing. The ads are rolling. I think the AT&T "don't get left behind" commercial with the people in the car is worth a chuckle. Maybe I'll watch it on my iPhone later, hope it doesn't drop ... And hey, here's Michael Douglas looking good, with the first attempt at bringing the goosebumps.

It's GAME DAY. We're about an hour from kickoff. You either have a block of foam "cheese" on your head right now or you're draped in some sort of steel curtain. Or, like me, you're just here for the ads. But if you've actually waited until Super Bowl Sunday to watch the much-hyped commercials, you're already way behind.

Volkswagen has jumped ahead of the pack as the pre-game fan favorite with almost 13 million views on YouTube for its Tiny Darth Vader meets the Passat commercial. The spot has 64,000 "likes" and 11,000 comments already. Here it is again:

Audi's 3-minute teaser for its "luxury prison" campaign is worth a look, too. And if you're wearing more than one polo shirt at a time, you may take offense:

If you want to watch a bunch more between now and game time, head to YouTube or go over here. Just make sure you come back because we'll be talking commericals on The Clicker for the next four or five hours.