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Five Things We Think We Know About the New Batman Movie

Christian Bale's back. Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are in. The Dark Knight Rises is down for July 2012.
/ Source: E!online

Christian Bale's back. Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are in. The Dark Knight Rises is down for July 2012.

So, what else we got? Clues, tidbits and fake press releases. Here's where, to the best of our knowledge, the upcoming Batman movie stands:

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1. Christopher Nolan Is Waiting on Awards-Season to End: Bat-butler Michael Caine told E! News on Monday that he hasn't seen a script--because there isn't a script to see. "He [Nolan] said, 'I'll finish it in two weeks,' " Caine reported. The reputed timeline, you may have noticed, coincides with the Oscars being over, and Nolan being done with black-tie appearances on behalf of Inception. (So, hurry up, The King's Speech, and win everything already!)

2. The Riddler, No; Catwoman, Yes--We're Pretty Sure: Nolan himself dismissed the notion of the green-suited puzzler making the cut. So that's that. Then last month, Warner Bros. confirmed Hathaway had been cast as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, although the studio never actually referred to Hathaway's character as Catwoman (even as it referred to Hardy's character by his supervillain name, Bane). It's probably nothing. Probably.

3. The Inception Reunion Is On--a Fake Press Release Confirms: There's been a lot of buzz that Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are looking to join dream-team alum Hardy. The latest official word on both actors is that they're in talks. The latest bogus press release says Cotillard is signed, and set to play Caped Crusader temptress Talia al Ghul, and that Gordon-Levitt is signed, and set to play Batman nemesis the Black Mask. Please ignore the bogus press release. (OK, how about, please try to ignore the bogus press release?)

4. The Score Is Going to Be "Epic:" Does this pronouncement seem premature considering we don't have a script, a full cast or a movie, yet? Eh. Composer Hans Zimmer said it (to MTV News), so at least it's actually true. (Unless, that is, he was kidding.)

5. Bale Is Going to Bail--After This Movie, Definitely Maybe: Here's what the unmasked man told E! News last November: "Unless Chris says different, this will be the last time I'm playing Batman." No word from the fake press-release department if Nolan has said different.

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