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Five Things to Know About Kate Middleton's "CopyKates"

Kate Middleton is the real deal. Now the beloved future queen and fashion icon is inspiring a generation of "CopyKates."
/ Source: E!online

Kate Middleton is the real deal. Now the beloved future queen and fashion icon is inspiring a generation of "CopyKates."

They're "posh," live in London's West End and wouldn't be caught dead without a glossy blowout.

Here are five things you need to know about the slew of young British gals who are imitating everything about the bride-to-be...

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1. Sloane Square Breeds "Sloanies": Middleton's look is the great divide between the girls of East and West London. Her clothes are frowned upon by the edgier East London girls, but the opposite is true in Chelsea, where Kate used to live right near Sloane Square. There, "Classic Sloanies" favor solid colors, blazers and headbands. "It's classic, very immaculate--a lot of girls are trying out her look," says native Londoner Gemma Thomas, 28, adding that "East Enders see her as stuffy, like she dresses 10 years older than she is."

2. They Shop on King's Road: The street is lined with boutiques and shops, but Whistles, Agns B. and Anthropologie are their go-to stores. They can be seen looking at throw pillows inside Zara Home or enjoying cake and tea at gourmet bakery Patisserie Valerie. King's Road has historically catered to royalty, which seems appropriate with the "posh" girls you see everywhere seemingly trying to keep up the tradition.

3. They Multiplied When Wills Put a Ring on It: The gal's blazer and sensible heel look spread like mad after Kate's engagement to Prince William. "She's really classic and stylish and was always admired, but when all the media coverage started months ago, it's gotten increasingly more obvious," said Emma Smith, a 19-year-old Londoner who looks just like Middleton. "She's conservative but also really pretty and glamorous, and everyone wants that."

4. Harrods Is Their Haven: In a city filled with luxury department stores, Harrods in Knightsbridge is the choice for the CopyKates. They spend their money here on makeup, perfume and other wardrobe essentials. "I think she's really classy and elegant but still a young style but that you can wear on good occasions," said Gloria Schafer, 21, whom we caught outside famous store. "She's quite young and has taught to mix really expensive [pieces], like Harrods, with normal ones, like Topshop."

5. They're Waiting for Their Own Prince Charming: Middleton is a "relatable, normal girl like everyone else," says Hannah Gleason, 19, "who creates trends that everyone can follow." And that now includes finding a royal hubby. "She is royalty now," she said.

And the rest all wish they were.

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