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Fatten Up, Rene Zellweger! Third Bridget Jones Movie Still in the Works

Bridget Jones may be tweeting herself back into the movies.
/ Source: E!online

Bridget Jones may be tweeting herself back into the movies.

Helen Fielding, the author of the Bridget Jones's Diary, has not only been tweeting as her literary alter ego ( @bridgetjoneshf ), but she tells me...

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A third Bridget Jones book and flick are still in the works. Rene Zellweger first brought the plumpy British single gal to celluloid life in 2001, followed by a sequel three years later.

"I've been working on it," Fielding tells me from her home in London. "You know, the challenge is to make it really good, because I've waited a long time before doing anything else with Bridget...I want it to be quite honest and mean something and be really good and funny."

Fielding chooses her words quite carefully when I ask if Zellweger should reprise the role. "These are all very delicate areas...which I really mustn't talk about," she said. "But I think all the actors playing the parts in the movies were fantastic and it would be wonderful if they would again. But they've all done very well and they don't need to do another film, so it would have to be a really good script for them to want to do it."

For the record, Fielding also tweets as Mark Darcy (played by Colin Firth in the movies) and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant).

Fielding continues to work on a staged musical adaptation of Bridget with Brit songstress Lily Allen. "We have done one workshop," she said. "It takes a long time for a musical. But it's fun and joyful, and I think with Lily's songs it's a perfect marriage."

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