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Fans argue about Anwar’s ouster

Anthony, Scott seen as next singers to get boot
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Week after week, judges gave Anwar Robinson a most backhanded compliment. Over and over, the middle-school teacher heard that he was "technically" the best singer in the competition, or that he "technically" had the best voice.

Yet if technical meant everything, a robot would win. Apparently Robinson didn't build the fan base the other singers did, and he's .

Here are some of your thoughts on the singers.

“Anwar was my favorite — I hope he still gets a recording contract - he has a beautiful voice. Scott has zip personality — total dud.  He should have left weeks ago with Anthony at his side.”  --Karen

“No way, Anwar was the best! He should have won, not been booted off!  He’s genuine, beautiful, and a teacher!  He’s everything an American Idol SHOULD be.”  --Christy

“Anwar would have been dumped at some point.  Last night was as good a time as any.”  --Don

“Anwar is very talented, but never appeared very comfortable on stage.  I wonder if it is a bit of a relief for him.”  --Lori

“Anwar should have been voted off weeks ago just for wearing those stupid looking hats.”  --SJF

“I was surprised Anwar stayed on this long. He held no spark, no wow factor- he had the talent of just an average music teacher.”  --Raquel

MALE FINALISTS:ANTHONY“Although Anthony isn’t one of my favorites, I do feel that it is wrong to label him as a Clay Aiken wannabe.  Although Clay could easily have been the winner of season 2 because of his singing abilities, he took himself too seriously.  You can tell that Anthony is more fun-loving.  Heck, he can even dance, which is more than you can say for Clay.”  --Cindy

“I can’t believe that we are so close to the end of this and Anthony Fedorov is still in the game. He must have one heck of a support team, back home. I just don’t see him pulling in a lot of ticket sales, should he ever perform anywhere, to make a living.”  --Wanda

BO”Bo Bice should win this thing, I would love to see a rockin’ American Idol, I disagree that Carrie Underwood is even that good, in fact, she might be the next to go as well.”  --Barb

“Bo should sing a Meatloaf or Aerosmith song he would do great with either one, he is a winner and a real rocker. Can’t wait for his next performance.”  --Marylou

CONSTANTINE”How does Constantine manage to keep his spot week after week?  He has a mediocre voice at best.  I thought this competition was about true singing talent, not sucking up to the camera and making googly eyes.”  --DL

“This is a popularity contest. Constantine will win it all, even though he is not the best singer (that’s Carrie) and when he gets his record contract he will do well. I compare him to a Rob Thomas, not a wide voice range but he really knows how to sing a song and how to entertain an audience. Listen the next time he sings when he’s done, everyone goes crazy except Simon of course.”    --Joe

“Scott is a warbler & his obvious tremolo keeps him off key quite often, not to mention, he is stone faced, talks in a monotone, has NO moves & acts like a redneck.”  --Simone

“Scott Savol should leave. I personally would like to see a big hook come out and pull him off of the stage. He lacks every quality that would make me want to spend my money on a CD of his. The pity party for him should have ended long before he made it to Hollywood. He doesn’t even look happy to be there. What is wrong with the Idol voters? This guy has a police record, why are people rewarding that? Voters, please, wake up.”  --Debbie

FEMALE FINALISTS:CARRIE”Carrie should do a little Sandy from Grease meets Madonna in 1988! That would be awesome! Show your creative side! Don’t be dull and boring.... or too perfect.  We love you CARRIE!”  --Lauren

“Carrie Underwood is the best singer. She is the All-American girl who can be the all everything or anything she wants, for a women who has never been anywhere, she handles fame well. She has morality, looks, personality (a little shy but not introverted or snobby) and she has the ability to go for more personality. Carrie is what every man dreams of , hard working, pretty, nice, loyal, etc. I just can’t say enough about her.”    --Paul

Vonzell is cute and sings good, but something is just missing.”  --Brenda

“Vonzell has the best talent for American Idol “05”. No one can touch her style.  She has the look and the voice.”  --Cindy

“People often complain about Simon’s blunt and sometimes seemingly cruel comments, which would suggest they don’t think he’s right, but now someone is accusing the voters of 'listening to Simon,' implying, I guess, that neither Simon nor the voters know what is really 'correct.'  Which indicates that the commentor’s opinion is the Only One That Counts, and we all know what it and 25 cents will get him.  I think Simon is the only honest judge on the panel … You can tell a child 'that was great, honey,' because that’s what makes children happy.  When it comes to competing for a real career in singing, as an American Idol, no less, Simon is merely preparing the contestants for what an honest vote would show; that you are marketable or you should keep your day job.”    --Tony