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Fab Four fans to mark Beatles trip to NY

Celebrating anniversary of Sullivan Show appearance
/ Source: Reuters

It may seem like only yesterday but the Beatles’ much-heralded first visit to America was 40 years ago, and a group of die-hard fans wants to mark the occasion for Beatles lovers here, there and everywhere.

The Fab 40 Committee will kick off the Beatles celebrations with a party and concert at New York’s Hard Rock Cafe on Feb. 9, 40 years to the day after the British group first performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, organizers said Friday.

The city’s Lincoln Center arts complex will host a film and television tribute to Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr and the American Film Institute will put on a similar tribute on Feb. 7, the date the Beatles arrived in New York in 1964 and were greeted by thousands of screaming fans.

“The beauty and power and charm of the Beatles music will always remain timeless,” said Fab 40 member Martin Lewis at a news conference to announce the anniversary events.

Fab 40, a play on the Beatles’ moniker “Fab Four,” is composed of former friends and associates of the Beatles during their U.S. tour.

“The reason people still listen to the Beatles music today is because of the quality of the music and 40 years from now, there will still be a place for that quality of music,” said Fab 40 member Bruce Spitzer, author of a new book, “The Beatles Are Coming.”

The Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” hit No. 1 on the music charts in the United States on Jan. 16, 1964.