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Emilia Clarke gets crush Matt LeBlanc to ask her, 'How you doin'?'

The "Game of Thrones" star and LeBlanc were both guests on "The Graham Norton Show."
/ Source: TODAY

Emilia Clarke may play the fierce Mother of Dragons on HBO's "Game of Thrones," but when she came face-to-face with her crush, Matt LeBlanc, last week, the actress was downright bashful.

Clarke and LeBlanc were guests — along with actress Kate Beckinsale —on the BBC's "The Graham Norton Show," when Clarke, 29, admitted she was a super-fan of the "Friends" star and his character, Joey Tribbiani.

"I'm actually blushing," Clarke said, waving her hands in front of her face, after host Norton teased her for being starstruck.

The London-born actress, whom Esquire named the Sexiest Woman Alive last year, finally mustered the nerve to tell LeBlanc. "Yeah, I just think you're wicked," before bursting into giggles again.

Emilia ClarkeGetty Images

LeBlanc responded by sweetly putting his arm around Clarke, who later shared an Instagram photo of the two backstage.

Things took a slight turn, however, when the show's host asked LeBlanc, 48, if he was a "Game of Thrones" viewer.

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"I watched it the first season, and then I kind of fell out of it,” the actor shyly admitted. “And then I tried to watch it this season, and I don’t know what’s going on.”

"That's okay! That's okay!" Clarke repeated, grinning, making it obvious LeBlanc could do no wrong in her eyes.

Matt LeBlancGetty Images

That's when the actress seized the opportunity to make one "slight request" of LeBlanc.

"Would you be able to ask me how I’m doing?” said Clarke, referring to Joey Tribbiani's famous no-fail pickup line.

LeBlanc obliged, looking right into Clarke's eyes and suavely asking, "How you doin'?"

Naturally, Clarke swooned.

"I caught that," said the equally flustered Beckinsale.

Watch the hilarious exchange for yourself!