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'Downton Tabby' tribute is the cat's meow

Whatever will we do now that the second season of "Downton Abbey" has ended? Yes, patience befits young ladies and gentlemen, but waiting for Season 3 is so dreary -- and our character-inspired paper dolls (courtesy New York Magazine's Vulture blog) can only entertain for so long. Fortunately, Catsterpiece Theater has come to the rescue with "Downton Tabby."

(Note: Some adult language and humor.)

In this heartfelt tribute, Lady Mary -- er, Lady Tabby -- is refined, well-dressed and enigmatic, though she insists (via captioning) that "i iz no lady." (Her suitor disagrees, even as he has a hard time keeping hold of her.) And she utterly breaks with tradition once there's a catnip sale announced.

Nine lives are never easy for a genteel kitty cat in a red dress.

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