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Did Jeff Probst change ‘Survivor’ events?

Some think he talked Janu into quitting game
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Thursday night's "Survivor Palau" seemed to be fairly predictable, up until the Koror tribe met with host Jeff Probst at tribal council. Probst has been honing his tribal council questions more and more this season, but many viewers feel his actions at this tribal council actually affected the events.

The Koror tribe seemed to be going into tribal council with a plan, to vote out former Ulong member Stephenie. Despite (or because of) her likability and physical strength, tribe members were beginning to see her as a threat.

Probst asked tribe member Katie if she should be voted out, and she defended herself, as expected. Then he turned to Janu, who'd been a focus of the episode due to her growing weakness. Surprisingly, Janu had no reason why she shouldn't be voted off, and an ensuing conversation between Probst, Janu, Stephenie and some other tribe members ended in Janu deciding to quit the game, leaving the popular Stephenie still clinging to a place.

Some viewers think Probst's leading of this discussion went beyond his normal questioning, and that his pointed questions, especially to Janu, led to her deciding to quit. Others disagree, thinking Janu was just physically exhausted and needed only a reminder that she could quit to change her mind on her own.

Here are some of your thoughts.

JANU WAS URGED TO QUIT“Jeff should keep his nose out of it. He urged Janu to quit. Emotions can change from one moment to the next due to the conditions.  For Jeff the host if the shoe was on the other foot things would be different.”  --Debbie

JEFF DIDN’T START IT“Actually it was Ian who brought up the thought ... he said that if Janu wanted to leave, then she should lay her torch down, but he didn’t want to vote her off just because that’s what she wanted.  Replay the tape ... Jeff didn’t start it, and thank goodness that Janu picked up that she can save Stephenie and ruin the others’ game plan.  She did the ultimate ... a sacrifice play. “  --Jenny

EPISODE WAS RIGGED“As a Survivor “buff” from Day 1, I was totally unhappy with the “rigged” outcome of this last episode.  This season, Jeff is having way too much of an influence on the outcome of the game. Last night there HAD to be a vote. If Janu quits at her own will, fine, but that means that she’s off the island. For Janu to quit and still be on the jury is just plain wrong.”  --Jim

STEPH TALKED HER INTO IT“Stephanie is definitely a great “Survivor” She was able to take Janu’s weak moment and talk her into actually going through with it and leaving, now Stephanie needs to get the women together in an alliance because the men are strong and will eventually take Steph out. I like her!”  --Debbie

JANU WANTED TO GO“Janu wanted to go and the name of the game is Survivor.  It seems to me that Stephanie is fighting to survive and has proven her right to be there.  others use their alliances and luck to be on a team that makes them “look” good.  Janu did the right thing.  and I feel that Katie should be the next to go.  Sure wish we the viewing public could vote.”  --Venus

MANIPULATION“I think Jeff Probst manipulated the tribal council to keep Stephanie on the show!  Which was fine by me because Janu was on my nerves and I would love to see Stephanie conquer Koror!  Go Stephanie.”  --Robin

NO HEART“Janu did the right thing in quitting since she was sick and didn’t have the heart to stay.”  --Jori