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Did Bo Bice deserve to be in Idol’s bottom three?

Readers defend, attack show's finalists
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Early on in this season of "American Idol," viewers and judges were talking about rocker Bo Bice winning it all. While other singers have fans, especially Carrie Underwood, many felt that awarding the competition to a rocker would offer a needed change of pace.

When last week's bottom three vote-getters were announced, Bice was among the three. Can he give Underwood a fight for the title, or is he slipping, perhaps to other rocker Constantine Maroulis? Here are some of your thoughts.

“Fedorov needs to go home! I think the only reason that he is still there is because he is the only little white boy left on the show.  And those teeny-boppers need someone to vote for.  They need to go call one of their friends instead of voting."    --Julie

"Every 12 year old girl with a faded N'Sync poster on the wall is voting like mad to keep Fedorov around, despite the fact that he sounds like a Vegas impersonator."    --Anonymous

“I like Anwar, but he needs to relax and get back to those great vocals he had at the audition.”    --Anonymous

"Anwar is a music teacher?  I guess the saying those who can, do and those who can't teach, describes his so-called talent.  Singing a song totally out of tune is making it his own?"    --J.B.

“Bo Bice definitely did not deserve to be in the bottom 3. I think it was a wake-up call to his fans who just assumed he was safe. Bo Bice all the way!”  --Toni

Bo Bice did NOT deserve to be in the bottom three!  If Bo was kicked off, I would have turned off IDOL for good!”  --Eva

“Bo Bice did not deserve to be in the bottom 3. I’m not exactly a rocker, but the kid can blow...Let’s give credit where credit is due.”  --Anonymous

“Bo Bice is the next American Idol so for him to end up in the bottom 3 was clearly an insult.  America clean out your ears or stop watching if you are tone deaf.”  --Kelly

“I think that Bo Bice should win. He has the best voice of all. Even if the song isn’t popular, he still rocks it! We don’t need another country or pop singer in the industry now. We need something different for a change. Pop is out!”  --Sheryl

“Constantine is too weird for me. You are either rocker or you are not. Sometimes he rocks and other times he just makes me sick to my stomach. He needs to be consistent, and Bo is MUCH better than he is!”  --K.A.

“I love Constantine, he has the best personality and look (maybe not the best voice) - but if they gave him songs that fit his voice he would do wonders. I think he is keeping the “rock” image to let his band members know he hasn’t forgotten them.”  --Barb

“Constantine cut out all of the difficult parts of his “difficult” song choice so it wasn’t really as hard as everyone seems to think.  He also STILL looks creepy on camera.”  --Kelli

“When Ryan sent Scott back to join the others, I knew America had made one of its worst mistakes.  If either Scott or Anthony isn’t voted off this week, then I’m through with American Idol!”  --Yolanda

“I felt that Scott should have been in the bottom three because his performance was very weak in some parts. (Although I do root for him because he will not let anyone limit him, Go Scott.)”  --Jackie

“I do feel Carrie could use a trip to the bottom 3. she is good but I think she is getting a little stuck on herself. Maybe a little humbling.”    --Sue

“Carrie will win. She is original and has star looks.”    --Debbie

"Carrie is nice but all she can sing is country. She has no expressions and can not connect with the audience."  --Destiny

VONZELL“Carrie, Constantine, and Vonzell are awesome. It’s going to be a battle. Though Vonzell has a lot of pitch problems.”  --Steph

“Winner should be between Carrie, Constantine....and my long shot, Vonzell.”  --Fred

“I think that the over-extended results shows should go. I don’t even watch it anymore. I got so sick of the waiting and “after the break”. And most of all, it’s all over the TV the next morning!”    --Matt

“Paula is ANNOYING with her vacant comments “well you look great” or “I am proud of you” I have not heard her give one ounce of input that has anything to do with lyrical ability.”  --T

“I want to see the actual numbers of the voting results.  Personally, I don’t possibly think that Savol and Fedorov could be safe and that Nadia got voted off.  I think there’s a fix going on.”  --Anonymous