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Diane Keaton plays hilarious game of 'Who'd you rather?' with Ellen DeGeneres

When the Oscar-winning actress is in the mood for love, nobody's safe — particularly if Ellen DeGeneres is asking the questions.
/ Source: TODAY

Who'd you rather, Diane Keaton?

That was the question on the mind of Ellen DeGeneres when the Oscar-winning actress turned up on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Friday. Faced with a table filled with bottles of wine, Keaton (whose voice appears in "Finding Dory") let slip that she's "sexually frustrated," which was a great lead-in to the speculative game DeGeneres just loves to play.

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So again, Ms. Keaton: Justin Bieber or Jared Leto?

"Well, here's where I have a problem," said the 70-year-old Keaton. "I don't like to judge. I'd rather take them both."

Cheers from the crowd!

Keaton went on to admire Bieber's physique, plus his hair and his nose. His nose? "Don't ever overlook the nose," she advised. "Mr. Leto has a very thin nose. I like a thin nose but Mr. Bieber has a fatter nose and I like that, too!"

Next up: Al Pacino vs. Jared Leto.

This one's a little tricky. "He's been a lover," acknowledged DeGeneres.

Never overlook a nose!Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

"He once enjoyed being around me," agreed Keaton, in the most genteel of terms. "But only on occasion, not often. So I say yes to Mr. Pacino."

Oh, Diane Keaton, never change!

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"Finding Dory" opens in theaters on June 17.

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