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Destiny's Child releases lackluster album

Trio re-teamed but their hearts don’t seem to be into it. By Deepti Hajela
/ Source: The Associated Press

Destiny’s Child’s new album is called “Destiny Fulfilled.” A more apt title might have been Destiny “We always insisted we would do another group project together after going solo, so here it is, obligation taken care of, now let’s move on with our lives.”

This album, coming three years after the Grammy-winning, multiplatinum “Survivor,” shows that Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams can still make beautiful harmonies together. Yay for that, because there’s not much else going for it.

Of the 11 tracks on this album (which was recorded in only three weeks), only a couple stand out. There’s the first single, “Lose My Breath,” a Rodney Jerkins production driven by a drum line that’s sure to be a college band favorite in no time. “Through With Love,” produced by Mario Winans, is another where the drums, melody and lyrics come together to create a song that lingers in the mind.

Some other songs are so-so. “Soldier” featuring rappers T.I. and Lil Wayne, is an ode to the ’hood which has the ladies singing, “Better be street if he looking at me.” It’s catchy, although somewhat silly since it comes from such clean-cut women. Williams has released two gospel albums, for goodness’ sake.

“Girl” has a nice sound, laid-back and relaxed. Too bad the lyrics are a complete mismatch, about women reaching out to a friend in a bad relationship.

The rest of the album is blah R&B, in some cases downright cringeworthy. In “Cater 2 U,” Knowles offers to give her man a foot massage and manicure, while Rowland promises to keep in shape, maintain her hairstyle and wear hot clothing. Yikes. Weren’t these ladies just singing about being independent women?

Clearly, these women have proved they can do their own thing. Williams has been on Broadway, Rowland has had a hit song of her own, and Knowles, well, she’s an entertainment empire in the making. Movies, perfume, multiple Grammys, a well-known love interest in rapper Jay-Z, she’s got it all.

There’s no real compelling musical reason for Destiny’s Child to exist anymore, and if the songs on this album are any indicator, the ladies would seem to agree.