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'Daria' is finally back -- in a fake trailer

La la la la la! MTV's "Daria" is back! Sort of. OK, not really.

It's been 12 years since the animated MTV show featuring whip-smart and cynical high-schooler Daria Morgendorffer went off the air, and still there has been no attempt at a big-screen film. (Meanwhile, idiots "Beavis and Butt-Head" went Hollywood with a full-length movie in 1996, and then came back on MTV after a few years off the air.)

And now, College Humor is reminding fans of that unfortunate fact with a fake "Daria" movie trailer. Two years ago, MTV shared a dream cast for a potential film, putting Aubrey Plaza in the title role. The comedy site went with that, and good thing they did. The "Parks and Recreation" star, already known for her deadpan style of comedy, nails Daria's tone and attitude. The writing and the rest of the casting is spot-on as well, with the fake trailer successfully capturing the feel of the animated show.

In the College Humor video, Daria returns to hometown Lawndale for her high-school reunion, and naturally, she is not enthused. Like Daria, most of the characters have not changed: Baby sister Quinn is still a little diva obsessed with appearances; BFF Jane still sports her sharp bob — and a Baby Bjorn (who did she marry and procreate with?); dad Jake is still a spaz; mom Helen still gives good advice; and her high-school classmates are as shallow and stupid as ever.

And yes, Daria's love interest, slacker Trent, is around, as is his band, Mystik Spiral. But his dreamy good looks? Not so much.

After this pitch-perfect video, if a movie doesn't get made with Plaza in the starring role, it'll be proof that we do indeed live in a sick, sad world.