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Courtney Love concert turns into flashdance

Plus: Dan Quayle gets teed off in Scotland
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Courtney Love has been having some serious wardrobe malfunctions.

The troubled rocker performed recently at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, and a source says she repeatedly flashed her breasts at the audience.

“Her dress had all these holes cut in it and she exposed her boobs several times,” says a source, who adds that the Janet Jackson moments “certainly seemed to be on purpose.”

Love, who has been fighting for custody of her daughter, not long ago served a stint in rehab. Her spokeswoman had no comment on the alleged breast-baring incidents.

Teed off

Former Vice President Dan Quayle smiles during an address at the National Press Club in Washington Thursday, May 9, 2002 where he talked about family policy issues and Hollywood's role in shaping attitudes on the American family. Quayle spoke on the 10th anniversary of his "Murphy Brown speech," which created a firestorm of debate in 1992. Thursday he commented on " The Osbournes," an expletive-loaded cable television show on MTV.(AP Photo/J.Scott Applewhite)J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Former Vice President Dan Quayle got pretty teed when playing golf.

The gaffe-prone ex-veep startled fellow golfers when he lost his temper on a putting green in Scotland, according to a caddy, and smashed a golf club deep into the green at Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland.

“He emerged … as if something had jagged his bottom,” caddy James Bowman told the BBC of Scotland. “He then proceeded to three-putt the green. His nostrils were flared in rage and, to everyone’s shock, he buried the shaft of his club into the green. It took me a long time afterwards to get it back.” Bowman said that Quayle’s outburst was overlooked because of his political status, saying, “Anyone else would have been banned.”

Notes from all over

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 19: Sharon Osbourne poses for photographers at a book signing for "Ordinary People: Our Story" at Barnes and Noble at the Grove on February 19, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Sharon OsbourneGiulio Marcocchi / Getty Images North America

Sharon Osbourne says maybe Madonna didn’t have Botox after all. The reality-show star and talk-show host is clarifying some comments she made about the Material Girl’s mysterious suddenly line-free face, but her rep insists she isn’t doing it at the behest of Madonna’s reps. “The other week [I was]...looking at articles in the paper about plastic surgery, and there was this article that was printed before I ever opened my mouth about Madonna getting cosmetic surgery,” Osbourne says in a segment of her talk show to be broadcast today. “And it didn’t say that she did or she didn’t, but they thought maybe she had. And I said, ‘Well, if you ask me, I think she’s had Botox in her forehead.’ Now to me, that’s no big deal ... It’s like getting your teeth whitened ... It’s like getting a fake tan — who cares?  But because I opened my big mouth, everybody’s saying now ...that I said she’s had Botox.  I don’t know if she’s had Botox for God’s sake—I just think!”  . . . Elton John is toning down his look. “I’m 57, I can't look like a 30-year-old,” John told Heat magazine, which says he’s ditching much of his glitzy Versace wardrobe. “You try to hold age at bay, but there comes a point when you just have to give up gracefully.”  . . . Gals looking to improve their lives now have a new place to turn: Prozac-chomping, former Ritalin addict Elizabeth Wurtzel. The author of “Prozac Nation” and “More, Now, Again” has written “The Secret of Life,” due in October, which publisher Ballantine is touting as having “amazing good advice for young women on how to live a full and satisfying life.” Her secrets for happiness, according to Ballantine: “It’s about being strong. It’s about eating dessert. . . . It’s about embracing fanaticism. It’s also about saying your prayers, not overpacking, and making your boyfriend do the dishes.”

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