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Could Kardashians Party Get House-Arrested Lindsay Lohan in Trouble?

Since she can't leave her house to party, she's bringing the party home to her.
/ Source: E!online

Since she can't leave her house to party, she's bringing the party home to her.

Hollywood's favorite convict, Lindsay Lohan, invited 10 of her BFFs (mostly dudes) to ring in the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians last night. Lindsay was smoking cigarettes on the rooftop with her guests.

But is Linds even allowed to throw parties while under house arrest ?

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She may have to wear an ankle-bracelet monitor and be subject to random drug tests and probation officer visits, but according to the usual guidelines for house arrest in California, visitors are often allowed. She's only got two and a half weeks left of this "punishment," too, before embarking on 800 hours of community service.

But the actress seemed to have herself a good time last night, tweeting at Kim Kardashian: "So excited for the season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 6 tonight on E!"

Kim even replied back, saying, "This season is crazy! Love u." Maybe she'll make it to Lindsay's viewing party for the finale?

Linds played the role of responsible hostess last night, too, giving out blankets and sweatshirts to her guests once the sun went down. One lucky male guest got a little extra TLC from the actress. She reportedly sat on his lap all night and was photographed hugging him numerous times.

If this is what L.A. punishment is like, sign us up!

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