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Could Hurley’s Indian wedding land her in jail?

Could face charges of ‘deliberate and malicious act’ against the religion
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Just one month after a marathon dream wedding that spanned two continents and set of a paparazzi riot, the honeymoon may be over for Elizabeth Hurley.

But could the actress and her new husband Arun Nayar actually be facing jail time over their Indian wedding?

Access Hollywood has learned an Indian man — who knows neither bride nor groom — is reportedly trying to declare their actions illegal on the following grounds:

  • Showing excess flesh in her Indian garb.
  • Kissing during the ceremony, which is against Hindu culture.
  • Drinking alcohol before the wedding.
  • Elizabeth not removing her shoes during the ceremony.

Liz and Arun could face arrest charges of a “deliberate and malicious act” against the religion.

However, the wedding woes don’t end there for the couple.

The lavish ceremony also has left her new father-in-law lashing out against the couple, according to reports.

“Liz and Arun have treated us very shabbily. I feel that Liz and Arun behaved shamefully and placed more importance on showing off than their own family,” Arun’s father, Vinod Nayer, was quoted as saying in Britain’s Sunday Mirror.

Additionally, the Mirror reports Nayer has “cut all ties” to the newlyweds and has gone as far as to disown his son.