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Constantine before Scott?

Many think rocker should have stayed on show
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Just when you think you have "American Idol" figured out, the show throws another curveball. Many viewers were shocked to see Constantine Maroulis in the bottom three this week, and  were floored to .

Another surprise: The much-criticized Scott Savol was in the top three. Some viewers attribute this to at least one Web site urging fans to "vote for the worst" and campaigning for people to call in for Savol.

Here are some of your thoughts.

OUSTED CONTESTANT: CONSTANTINE“I believe it was a TOTAL JOKE for anyone to believe that Scott Savol and Anthony Fedorov was better than Constantine Maroulis this just makes the case that something has to change in the way American Idol conducts the voting because if this keeps going your next American Idol will probably be Scott Savol, and then let's see Simon try to promote and produce that CD.”    --Anonymous

“Out of all the contestants Constantine should have been voted off. He has what the future contest winner will get, let someone else get one too.”    --Nicole

“Thank GOD Constantine got voted off!  If I had to see that stupid pout one more time I was going to have to spit!”    --Kim

“Constantine was voted off because his voice is horrible and he is a cheesy performer.”    --Anonymous

“I want Anthony Fedorov to win. He is cute and talented and seems like a nice guy.”    --Jane

“I think Anthony Fedorov should have been voted off a long time ago, also. He just doesn’t appeal to me, and I don’t think he appeals to other people, either.”  --Marina

BO“Overall this is great news for Bo, the only true “rocker” left.  He’ll garner the majority of votes from Constantine’s fan base.”    --Andrew

“Those performances of the rockers are extreme and not necessary!  If they can’t sing without holding on to the mike, forget ’em!  I can’t understand a word they say, so Bo gets the boot next week, as far as I’m concerned.”    --Erma

“I hope Bo takes everything.  He looks like he’s been a rock star for years.  He is so comfortable on stage and has wonderful vocal talent. He is also totally genuine and a pleasure to watch.”    --Carol

SCOTT“I am surprised that Scott is still on the show with his smug personality.  I do not understand why they condone domestic violence, but kick off a woman for posing nude. I truly do not understand how the violence is not worse.”    --Jenny

“Not surprised at all about Scott he is so humble and has a beautiful voice. We as Americans need to be judging on the voice and personality not the background of someone...people can change.”    --Anonymous

“American Idol is quickly starting to look like Trailer Park Idol, especially if Scott continues to be in the competition”    --Laurie

“I have rooted for Scott since he said his dad told him he would never amount to anything.  However, he should be gone before Constantine."    --Summer

“Scott — GO! Fat girls who CAN sing don’t make the audition for lack of “star quality”—Scott made it to the top 10,000?”    --Marira

“Looking for Carrie to go all the way. She has such a pure voice and she has been able to cover all music required to this time.”    --Rick

“Carrie is good, but go to ‘Nashville Star,’ that’s where they told Josh Grayson to go when he was on 'Idol.' ”    --Sarah

“[Carrie] really has ups and downs, but of course, she’s as “American” as it gets—the blonde, little turn-on the charm, pixie next-door type. YUCK! Give me a break.”   --Jackie

VONZELL“Vonzell has proven herself, and deserves to win. She is a well rounded artist, and has not only shown that, but proved it. Carrie can only do country. She can be second runner up.”    --TM

“As for Vonzell in the bottom 3, can we say, SHOCKED! She has a GREAT voice and should win it so she better build up her fan club.”    --S

“I do believe that Vonzell should have been in the bottom three. She has good stage presence but she’s always pitchy, especially in the group song on Wednesday night.”   --Anonymous

“I am shocked by the fact the Constantine was voted off. I started yelling and my husband (who was in the other room watching CSI) came out and he started yelling when he saw it then my mom called and she started yelling and saying if she had a rotten tomato she would throw it at someone.”  --Anonymous