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Constantine nabs a sitcom deal

Plus: What happened to "Fear Factor"; Outback Jack weds; "Project Runway" coming to DVD.
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This week, we answer some of your most common questions. They include updates on Constantine Maroulis, "Fear Factor," "Outback Jack," and DVDs for "Project Runway."

Q: I loved Constantine Maroulis on "American Idol" and on the tour. He sounds great on the Killer Queen [Freddie Mercury] tribute album. What are his future plans?    —Jamie, Beverly Hills

A: According to his own site as well as various media sources, Constantine has big things ahead. He's signed to star in an ABC sitcom produced by Kelsey Grammer's company, Grammnet Productions. The Hollywood Reporter notes that it's too early for any sitcom details, but reports that "Maroulis' pact with ABC also gives the network the option of casting him in another project, comedy or drama."

Maroulis notes on that "we're very excited to be joining the ranks of 'Desperate Housewives', 'Lost' & 'Alias'." (Not sure who the "we" is, maybe he has a mouse in his pocket.)

People Magazine also reports that Maroulis is planning a solo album. And apparently he's not the only musician in the family. Maroulis' Web site links to the Web site for , fronted by his brother, Athan Maroulis.

To stay up-to-date on the sixth-place "American Idol" finisher, sign up for his mailing list at .   —G.F.C.

Q: Has “Fear Factor” been cancelled?    —M

A: Although “Fear Factor” slid in the ratings last year, the show has not been cancelled. Instead, it will return sometime this season. When, exactly, is anyone’s guess. The extreme-stunt reality show could be used to fill the gap left by a cancelled series (for example, if Martha’s “Apprentice” continues to hemorrhage viewers), or it could find a home after some reshuffling midseason.

If you’re desperate for some “Fear Factor” action, there are two ways to get as much exposure to gross eating and extreme stunts as possible. First, the two Universal Studios theme parks, in Orlando and LA, each opened Fear Factor Live attractions this summer, allowing park guests to participate in extreme stunts.

Between stunts, audience members are selected to drink disgusting blended concoctions and interact with frightening insects, and real park guests are cast to participate in three extreme stunts. And yes, one of them involves a suspended yellow car, just like the TV show.

But the best way to find “Fear Factor” is to just turn on your TV. The show’s older episodes are now in syndication, so reruns air throughout the day on various networks across the country, and also on cable channel FX. Check your local listings, of course.     —A.D.

Q: I would like to know whatever happened to Outback Jack and Natalie. Are they still together [or] did they split as soon as the cameras left? What happened?    —Nancy

A: Believe it or not, it looks like a happy ending, which happen so infrequently in reality-show romances. People Magazine reports that Vadim Dale, 29 and Natalie Franzman, 23, wed on Sept. 22 in Louisville, Kentucky. According to the magazine, the (very fitting) wedding theme was "Sometimes it takes an adventure to find your 'mate'."

The Aussie outdoorsman has pulled up stakes for the U.S., and the two will live in Louisville, where she still styles hair. The duo both appeared on an Australian reality show, "Celebrity Circus."

We don't get any kickbacks from People, but fans of "Outback Jack" should really pick up the current issue, with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher on the cover. Page 91 features a huge photo of the couple in wedding finery — she in a ruffled, strapless Demetrios gown, he in a white tuxedo and black tie.  Aw. May they live happily ever after.      —G.F.C.

Q: “Project Runway” was my favorite show last year. I am delighted to hear that it’s coming back this year. However, I’ve been hoping and waiting to see if the complete season 1 would ever be released on DVD? Have you heard anything?    —Jen, Las Vegas

A: You are in luck. The “Project Runway” season one DVD is scheduled to be released  on Nov. 29. All we know about it so far is that Heidi Klum is on the box cover.

"Project Runway 2" is currently scheduled to debut just over a week later, on Dec. 7. And there’s more in store for fans of the reality show that pits would-be fashion designers against each other.

Bravo will also air a special — or perhaps a full series, if rumors are correct — titled “Project Jay,” that follows last season’s winner Jay McCarroll during his post-win life. Bravo initially announced it as a one-hour special documentary, which does not yet have an air date, but The New York Post's Page Six has offhandedly mentioned that it’ll be a 12-episode series.   

If “Project Jay” airs as a one-hour special, look for it to air the week before the second season starts. If it becomes a full series, Bravo could run two “Project Runway” shows simultaneously.    —A.D.

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