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Color, color, color on the red carpet

Pink in dresses and diamonds should be common site at Globes
/ Source: Hollywood Reporter

Fashionistas the world over will be focused on the Golden Globes’ red carpet Sunday.

From head to toe, style trends are set at the Globes, a show known as the loosest and most fun of Hollywood’s mutual backslapping exercises. Hopefully, no eyes will have to be averted for fashion train wrecks such as last year’s pale pink tutu sported by actress Lara Flynn Boyle.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to the experts about what to expect as the stars make their way into the Beverly Hilton.


Kevan Hall, designer
“You’re probably going to see some more of the high-low hem, shorter in front, from ankle to train, from knee length to floor, and since it’s a more fun awards show, I think short cocktail dresses are always appropriate. Blue will be a big color, from robin’s egg blue to deeper shades like cobalt. There’s a very important pink period happening, from flamingo at the brightest all the way to blush. Another thing that will be important are evening prints in gowns, plain or beaded.  The beauty of a print mixes a lot of fabulous colors and can be very festive.”

Wanda McDaniel and Greg Nise, spokespeople, Giorgio Armani
“We’re thinking people are going to dress up a little more this year, a reflection of an upswing in the economy, an upswing in glamour. A lot of Armani’s sketches reflect diaphanous layering, like a princess gown. A lot of soft fabrics, layers of chiffon, very detailed beading, with fabric and beading interplaying, instead of heavy encrusted beads, a look that isn’t quite as modern. The new trend in beading is done on soft fabric, and it’s not armored-looking. It’s very feminine. One of the new silhouette trends is the halter top.”

Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig, celebrity stylist“We’re going to see lots and lots of color. Lots of pinks and icy colors and metallics like pale gold and silver. We’re going to venture into cocktail length, knee length, kind of a retro ’50s thing. We’ll also see a lot of long column dresses, low backs and exposed shoulders. There’s a possibility we’ll see some fur thrown over the shoulder, whether faux or regular, which magnifies the old Hollywood glamour quotient. Halter necks are really big this year. We’re always going to see plunging necklines, but not as plunging as in the past. We’ll see less black, more color and more white.”

Elie Saab, designer
“Glamour and elegance are what I always hope and expect to see at a big event such as the Golden Globes. I would love to see gowns with texture and depth, created with embroidery, sequins or intricate beading. Colorful gowns are becoming a must and look elegant when paired with simple jewelry. A nice pair of rich earrings in diamonds or precious stones is the right piece to go along with a simple long dress. We may also see some short sexy dresses or looks with sheer silk chiffon skirts that emphasize the legs -- beautiful legs never go out of style.”

Rita Watnick, owner, Lily et Cie Vintage Couture
“Without celebrities, vintage would not be what it is today. The Golden Globes are a place to be fun and experimental. What I hope I see is originality, kind of in the way it was defined in the past. I love when people show up in something unexpected. The thing that attracts people is the unknown and unexpected and having to ask questions -- the unanticipated. I think it challenges people, it sets people apart.”


Carolyn Brodie Gelles, director of communications, Harry Winston
“Earrings will play a very important role, but not the big chandeliers of the past. They’ll be longer, slender and more delicate. I think jewelry in general is going to be long and slim: a necklace with a long lariat, a long Y or lots of skinny bracelets stacked together to form an important statement. You will still see a lot of diamonds, but mixed up a bit with unusual stones, interesting semi-precious stones we haven’t seen so much of before.”

Andrea Hansen, marketing director, H. Stern
“In colors, bold is back, with large gemstones in earthy or pastel colors. Pink tourmalines, lavenders, clear crystals, aquamarines. Color is also big with diamonds, ranging from yellow to pink to cognac. In style, elegance is back. The current focus is on jewelry from the ’50s -- floral, feminine designs, sexy and flirty. Pearls are strong, as we cannot imagine the ’50s without them, and because the Globes are more relaxed than the Oscars, I expect to see more women in pearls.”

Neil Lane, designer, Celebrity Jeweler
“Colored diamonds are very popular right now. Pink, yellow, brown -- a rainbow of colors that goes so well with the pastel colors of gowns. Diamond hoop earrings will be big instead of big chandeliers. You get the diamond ethereal look, you create a sparkle around the face, with diamonds inside the hoops, too. A stack of slender bracelets is very ’20s. Everything old is new again.”


Abby Askari Bennet, director, Manolo Blahnik New York
“This year it’s a little more fun as far as colors like pale pink, pale green and pale gold. Another big thing is jeweled sandals with jewels on the strap. We use Swarovski crystals in colors like coral and turquoise. All the heels are 4 inches, but we’re starting to do 5-inch heels. Silver is always big, but this year there’s more brushed gold, a color that disappears on your skin.” 

Tamara Mellon, president, Jimmy Choo
“The red carpet follows the runway, so for the Golden Globes I expect we’re going to see a lot of bold colors as well as prints. The palette for red carpet shoes and bags will be like a bag of jelly beans, and the pieces will be made up of luxurious fabrics such as satin and supple metallic leather, some adorned with sparkling crystal details. I also expect our new satin platform sandals to make a strong showing.”

Stuart Weitzman, designer
“With so much fashion moving to color in dresses and with ongoing fantasies with high heels, we will see more stars trying to look like Cinderella this year, more than in any previous year.”