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Coleman’s ex-wife shares his last moments

Gary Coleman’s last words were, “I love you, and my head hurts,” according to his ex-wife, Shannon Price.
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Gary Coleman’s last words were, “I love you, and my head hurts,” according to his ex-wife, Shannon Price. “Those were the last (words) he said to me because he was in a lot of pain,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

Despite divorcing nearly two years ago, Price was still authorized to make medical decisions on Coleman’s behalf, according to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. The facility treated Coleman until Price made the decision to discontinue life support on May 28.

Regardless of her right to make the call, the actor’s ex-wife continues to be under scrutiny. The first time Price’s actions were called into question was after the release of the 911 call she made, when she said she did not want to go to Coleman because she doesn’t like to be near blood.

Now comes reports that she is selling pictures of the “Diff’rent Strokes” star taken just before his death. According to TMZ, at least four photos have been sold, and three might appear in tabloid magazines this week.

Paula Abdul heads to the Tony Awards Paula Abdul is getting ready to return to television, one event at a time.

Not quite a month after appearing on “American Idol” to help with Simon Cowell’s send-off, it has been confirmed that Abdul’s next stop will be the Tony Awards. She will present the best choreography award during the June 13 broadcast on CBS. Nominees for the category include choreographers for “Promises, Promises” (which stars this year’s host, Sean Hayes), “Fela!” “La Cage Aux Folles” and “Come Fly Away.”

Abdul won’t be performing during the show, but there are performances that will make fans of prime-time television happy: Broadway vets Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele from “Glee” will also perform.

Read this, watch thatSpeaking of “Glee,” Tuesday is the show’s season finale. Even if you haven’t watched a single episode, it’s worth tuning in so you know what the fuss is about. Any show that can be partially responsible for the unpopularizing of “American Idol,” sell out a concert tour based on the show and take over the Billboard charts with its own version of classic songs deserves attention. If you want to get caught up, check out this great collection from The Daily Beast of the top 10 moments of the show.

As for what to read, check out this fantastic piece from The Awl on the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which was televised in prime time on June 4. Were you outraged that “gnocchi” was a seventh-round word? Well, guess what? It was also served at the prior night’s Bee-sponsored dinner! Gems like that and more can be found at, a must-read for any Bee geek.

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