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Colbie Caillat's new album is her favorite

Singer-songwriter is juggling several projects and is happy to have found a new level of musical maturity in her work.
/ Source: E!online

The "Bubbly" singer is back and ready to share with us her newest projects!

E! News exclusively sat down with singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat, who gave us the scoop on her music (like a first look at her cool new video, "Brighter Than the Sun"!) and her personal life (wait, who's her muse?!).

Here's what she told us...

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First of all, ever the consummate pro, Colbie quickly shut down any notion that she's the type of artist to just show up and sing. She prefers to be hands-on and has a good reason for it.

"I gotta be involved--I mean, it's my image I'm portraying..."

And although music videos are fun to do, the singer admits it's not always easy.

"It is a lot of work, I mean for everyone's a 15-hour shoot day and it's a constant hard-working schedule."

Her upcoming album, which drops on July 12, is her favorite, and says it shows the more mature side of her musical talents. In addition to her new single, "Brighter Than the Sun," it features a collaboration with Common, as well as One Republic's Ryan Tedder who co-wrote her latest song.

So, who inspired this new level of musical maturity? Colbie said her go-to muse for her latest bunch of tracks is, unsurprisingly, none other than her musician boyfriend.

Who luckily doesn't have any qualms about being her inspiration.

"Justin, he's good, I mean, he's a songwriter, too. He knows. I think he's flattered that most of the songs are about him, and the ups and downs of a relationship, I mean there's been lots of good and there's been bad days where I write about it and you get the feelings off your chest...he doesn't take it personal," she tells E! News.

Caillat will be touring after her album is released, but fans can try to catch her at one of three shows she will be putting on in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco which start July 12.

So what does she bring with her on the road to calm those pre-show nerves (believe it or not, she still cries before gigs!) and make her feel more at home?

Not surprisingly, music tops her list: "reggae, Bob Marley, Steve Miller...and my boyfriend's on tour with me." What with him and the band on the road, Callait told us it was all just "one big family." Awww!

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