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Clicky bits: 'Bachelor' and 'Survivor' stars get the heave-ho

Mark Wessels / ABC / Today
Emily and Brad officially broke up after numerous rumors.

• Get out your smelling salts: Another "Bachelor" contestant is single again. As you may have read, Brad Womack and Emily Maynard — who got engaged just this past March on the show's finale — have parted ways. But according to People, he's the one taking the blame: "The demise of our relationship was completely my fault,” he told the magazine. And don't expect to hear much more out of him, despite his two shots on "Bachelor" (Seasons 11 and 15), Womack has declined to appear in interview with Emily about the split, to air during "The Bachelorette" on July 11.

• Meanwhile, Womack isn't the only onetime reality show contestant not feeling the love. Jonny Fairplay (aka Jon Dalton), arguably the least-liked "Survivor" contestant ever, has told TMZ that his wife has left him, taking their child. He says that Michelle Deighton, a former "America's Next Top Model" star, left a few weeks ago for no reason, and he's since filed for legal separation in North Carolina.

• Want to hear "The Voice" finalists live? The eight singers will be touring beginning July 27, though they're only hitting six cities. Ticketmaster has the info. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the four superstar judges won't be with the singers, and if they had gone along, more cities would be on the list.

 • Where does a "Modern Family" vacation? Possibly, Jackson Hole, Wyo. That city is reportedly topping the list of settings for the ABC sitcom's fall premiere. The family would reportedly be vacationing at a Jackson Hole spa and resort. Whitewater rafting, anyone?

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