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Cher joins TikTok in the way only she can: 'Of course you know who I am'

Even on social media, the 75-year-old superstar makes a memorable entrance.
/ Source: TODAY

Two wardrobe changes, complete with hair transformations, two different lighting arrangements and four takes — that kind of effort is nothing new from a consummate performer like Cher.

But we’re not talking about her latest movie or music video. This time the always-extra superstar put her all into a 30-second clip to mark her TikTok debut and to celebrate an occasion that means a lot to her and her fanbase.


hi @tiktok . Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈 do you prefer blonde or brunette? ##ForYourPride

♬ Believe - Cher

The scene opens with the 75-year-old looking angelic, framed in a pale-blue glow and wearing a white lace-lapeled moto jacket, a coordinating camisole and platinum-blond hair.

“It’s me, the great and powerful Cher, and I’m on TikTok,” she says.

Not many people, even other celebrities, could get away with a statement like that without coming off as either arrogant or ironic. But this is Cher, and she wasn’t finished.

In the next take, the singer, actor and activist stepped out into the same room, now featuring red-hot lighting, wearing a black-and-white, vertical-striped blazer, a lace-trimmed cami and a black corset belt. She topped that off with long, wavy, jet-black locks.

“Hi, it’s me, Cher, on TikTok,” she said with a more casual vibe.

Suddenly she was back as a blond in outfit No. 1 for intro No. 3.

“Guess who I am?” she asked, knowing the question needed no answer. “I’m on TikTok!”

Brunette Cher then turned up again to give it one more go, telling her new social media followers, “Hi. Of course, you know who I am. I was going to introduce myself but no.”

Then the woman who’s been considered and LGBTQ icon for decades added, “Happy Pride Month to everybody in the community that I love — and that means you.”

After sharing her TikTok premiere, Cher went on to post the clip to both Twitter and her Instagram Stories, and in all versions of the post, she asked her fans if they preferred her as a blond or brunette.

The responses that followed prove her fans simply prefer Cher, no matter her hair color.

Model Tess Holliday wrote, “ I cannot I’m obsessed with you I cantttttt,” while “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” star Kiernan Shipka raved, “QUEEN OF TWITTER. QUEEN OF TIKTOK.” And the Jonas Brothers’ little brother, Frankie Jonas, chimed in to say, “Never hit follow so fast.”

Even the official TikTok account was responsible for one of the nearly 18 thousand replies, writing, “I can’t ♫believe ♫ it!”

But it's true!

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