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Celebrity Apprentice: Donald Trump Does Not Want Your "Cheesy" Idea of Luxury

As one Celebrity Apprentice feud ends, another one starts right up.
/ Source: E!online

As one Celebrity Apprentice feud ends, another one starts right up.

While Meat Loaf nemesis Gary Busey was booted from the boardroom last week, the battle heated up between NeNe Leakes and Star Jones (and surprisingly, cooled off between Leakes and La Toya Jackson).

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At the top of the show, Leakes and Jackson made nice, hugging it out after the singer admitted she was hurt by the Real Housewives of Atlanta star's harsh talk. And with that spat out of the way, it was time to stir the pot with Jones (again).

So what went down?

Jones and John Rich took the reigns as project managers for their respective teams this week, taking on the challenge of creating a conceptual ad campaign for the Trump Hotel Collection.

Drama began to fester on Team A.S.A.P. immediately when Jones, who claimed to know about all things high end, came up with a "luxurious" campaign idea for the collection...that turned out to be a dud.

While the team was working on a photo shoot starring Hope Dworaczyk, Jones sent Leakes and Jackson to pick up some items in the middle of Manhattan rush hour--calling them back when she realized it had been a mistake. Once they'd returned, Jones rushed them to help with the shoot, which lead to a flare up with Leakes.

Meanwhile, Lil John and Rich bonded, cranking out the team's "Live the Life" concept, while Meat Loaf went all Busey during the challenge. While his remaining teammates came up with brochures, the rocker's random rants got him sent on a solo assignment to man the team's photo shoot. Bad idea.

But was that enough to make Team Backbone's numbers dwindle down to two?

Not even.

The women's team's "cluttered" brochure and "cheesy" idea lost them the challenge. Jackson was sent packing after Jones and Leakes ironically banded together against her in the boardroom to prove to Donald Trump she wasn't strong enough to continue in the competition.

"La Toya, you're fired," Trump said. "I've gained great respect for you."

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