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Brangelina affair started on ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’?

Angelina Jolie has created quite a stir after the actress told the New York Times she and partner Brad Pitt fell in love on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

During a discussion over which of her films she lets the couple’s children see, Jolie told the New York Times, so far it’s just “Kung-Fu Panda,” but she noted she looked forward to the day when the kids can watch 2005’s “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

“Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love,” Jolie said in article running in the Arts & Leisure section of the paper this Sunday

The quote, however, caused eyebrows to raise, as the movie actually began filming while Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

Though Jolie’s latest remarks have drawn attention, in the past the actress hinted she grew close to Pitt on the set, but they just remained “very, very good friends,” until after his divorce from Aniston in 2005.

“And then we just continued to take time,” Jolie told People in 2006. “We remained very, very good friends — with this realization — for a long time… And then life developed in a way where we could be together, where it felt like something we would do, we should do.”

The reach of Jolie’s words and past photographs on the Internet though, are these days a concern for the mother of six. In particular, she worries her eldest child, son Maddox, 7, will use the Web to “look up my name and see some kind of sexy pictures or read a story about himself that isn’t true,” she told the New York Times. “There’s a lot we’re going to have to explain to them about how public their family is.”

But the actress may not have to worry about Maddox’s Internet moves too much as she’ll be able to monitor him regularly due to her shortened 2008 film schedule. Jolie told the paper she has just a few projects in the works as she focuses on family.

In fact, before selecting potential projects, Jolie takes into consideration “who’s in school at that time? How can I be sure I don’t do too many long hours? Can the three youngest be on the set every day?” she said.

“As long as I can still be with my family, it’s fun,” she added. “But I only want to do that, and I’m not looking for anything else.”

The actress also expanded on her plans, which she revealed on the TODAY show earlier this week, to bring more kids into the family.

“I know we seem crazy, just bringing them in one after the other, but we do plan,” Jolie said. “We make sure one is absorbed completely into the family before we add another. There are moments when we look at everyone around the dinner table, and it’s just crazy, but our family is the greatest thing we’ve done in our lives.”