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Bicycle ride across Spanish seaside rooftops will leave you breathless

Parkour is so five years ago. How about bouncing around city buildings on a bike?
/ Source: TODAY

Leaping around city rooftops and flying between buildings would be impressive enough for most people. But what if you did the same thing ... with a bicycle?

That'd be a whole new ballgame.

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That's what professional cyclist Danny MacAskill proves in a gorgeous new video. The 29-year-old emerges from his apartment onto a rooftop, then fearlessly launches himself into what seems like the void.

But he lands safely on a nearby roof, initiating an amazing journey across the tops of buildings in the colorful Spanish Canary Islands seaside town of Gran Canaria. He uses the bike with practiced skill to make breathtaking leaps, loop-de-loops and even bounces up and down stairs!

Danny MacAskill starts his journey, and gives everyone else vertigo.GoPro / YouTube

It's a performance that clearly required control, nerve, balance... and possibly a dash of insanity.

The whole feat is captured by a Go Pro on MacAskill's helmet, with the help of some additional perfectly-positioned cameras.

Danny MacAskill and one of his amazing moves.Brandon Goodwin / YouTube

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And don't think you've seen it all just a few minutes in. His final leap over a cliff face will absolutely leave you breathless!

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