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Bice's past bothers some, but not others

Viewers divided on singer's past arrests
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There's no such thing as a quiet week for "American Idol," apparently. As the show awaits next week's "Prime Time Live" special, "Fallen Idol," yet another contestant's past arrests were revealed.

Earlier in the season, Scott Savol's 2001 was revealed. Savol stayed on the show, with Fox saying that he was “forthcoming to the ‘American Idol’ producers and the network regarding his misdemeanor” and “the situation did not warrant his disqualification.”

This week, The Smoking posted documents relating to on cocaine and marijuana charges. Bice completed a program for first-time offenders and charges were dropped.

A spokesperson for Fox issued a statement saying  “The information disclosed on various salacious gossip websites regarding Bo Bice’s past was already well-known to FOX and the producers of 'American Idol.' From the beginning, Bo was honest and forthcoming in revealing his previous indiscretions and their outcome.”

Here are some of your thoughts on the latest news.

“A drug addict should not be a American Idol — fine things it tells our teens-boot him off — what a mess this show is getting to be.”  --Anonymous

“Who cares if Bo smoked pot: He’s a rock guy, not a Disney employee.  If he did his program and has remained clean...good for him, he deserves a change.  He’s 29 years old. I’m sure he has seen the error of his ways.  I would be more concerned about Scott’s domestic violence arrest.”    --Lisa

HE PAID UP“Bo’s news is no news.  He paid to society what an elected judge sentenced him to, and that included upon completion the charges being dismissed.  So, we make the rules, can’t just use them when it’s convenient.”    --Bill

IT’S IN THE PAST“As far as Bo Bice goes, what was in the past is in the past and everyone deserves a chance at their dreams regardless of where their life took them previously.”    --Lisa

WAIT AND SEE“Bo getting Constantine votes? Well, lets see if his cocaine past impacts him next week!”    --Anonymous

KEEP VIOLATIONS HIDDEN“I think all the past violations, etc should be kept out of the public eye. Now people will vote for these people according to the gossip and news they hear and not on their vocal talent.  This is ridiculous, this is a singing contest, not a “who’s done what when” contest.  This is poor management of public relations.”    --Mollie

ARREST MIGHT WORK FOR BO“Bo Bice has a prior arrest?! Yikes! It makes things tougher for him, but it might also work since he is the 'rocker.' Not having an arrest might actually seem strange in that genre.”    --Kammy

NOT ‘AMERICAN BOY SCOUT’“The news about Bo  — who cares?  The show isn’t “American Boy Scout” and votes should be based on performance rather than history. That he was forthcoming about his past makes him all the more admirable and respectable.”  --Vickie

HE WILL WIN“Charges against Bo were dismissed so should not be held against him in any way and he will win the competition.”    --Anonymous

“I think that the name of the show should be changed to Inmate Idol.”    --Jeff

SUPPORT THE TROOPS“I think people take this show WAY too serious.  Don’t forget, our troops are still in Iraq.”    --Lisa