The Beast from 'Beauty and the Beast' charms TODAY anchors in character

/ Source: TODAY

With a low, rough growl, he hardly seems like prince charming — but just like Belle finally seeing the prince behind the monster, TODAY was able to get a peek at the man behind the voice of "Beast" from "Beauty and the Beast" and fell in love all over again.

Robby Benson, the actor who voiced the lovable creature, gave fans a treat when he slipped into character on the show this morning.

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Benson mentioned that parents often ask him to yell "Get out!" just as he did to Belle after she finds the enchanted rose he had been hiding.

Then, he managed to charm Kathie Lee and Hoda with a more tender moment saying, "Belle, are you happy here with me?" Swoon!

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Robby Benson / BeastTODAY; Disney

He also told the ladies, "The Beast is probably the most profound character I've ever played," and said he even gets type-cast as the impatient brute from time to time.

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Benson admitted he wished the Beast was never transformed back into the prince at the end of the film and after seeing him re-create the character we agree! What's not to love about a giant beast with a heart of gold?