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'The Bachelor' final 4: What you need to know about the women vying for Ben

/ Source: TODAY

We're down to only four women on ABC's "The Bachelor" — all vying for Ben Higgins' heart. For some, this competition is better than the NCAA Final Four.

So if you're joining this party late, here's what I think you need to know heading into the last few drama-filled episodes.

I've given the women odds on their chance of stealing Ben's heart on a scale of one to four roses.

One rose = Ben may have met your family, but pack your bag. You're going home.

Two roses = Pucker up! You'll make it to the fantasy suite.

Three roses = You'll meet Ben's family but end up crying in a limo.

Four roses = Get a mani! You'll be Instagramming pictures of your ring finger in no time!

Bachelorette 1: Amanda, "The Single Mom"

The Bachelor contestant, Amanda.ABC

Who is she? A 25-year-old esthetician from California.

First impression: Sweet and her voice sounds like a Disney princess.

Trademark moment on the show: Olivia, another bachelorette, said Amanda's life is an episode of "Teen Mom."

Advantage: Ben loves kids!

Problem: Is Ben ready to be an immediate father to two kids?

Is she in love?

Rating: One rose

Bachelorette 2: JoJo, "The Wild One"

The Bachelor contestant, Joelle.ABC

Who is she? A 24-year-old real estate developer from Texas.

Trademark moment on the show: Got out of the limo on night one wearing a unicorn mask.

First impression: Fun and feisty.

Advantage: Ben says, "I'm more myself around JoJo than any other woman in my life."

Problem: Ben's worried that she holds back too much, due to a bad previous relationship.

Is she in love?

Rating: Three roses

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Bachelorette 3: Caila, "The Guarded One"

The Bachelor contestant, Caila.ABC

Who is she? A 24-year-old software sales rep from Ohio.

First impression: Smart and beautiful — also great hair!

Trademark moment on the show: Ben called her a "sex panther" after their makeout session.

Advantage: They share a job. Ben is also in software sales.

Problem: She's lived in 17 different cities. Ben's worried she won't be able to settle down.

Is she in love?

Rating: Two roses

Bachelorette 4: Lauren B., "The Front Runner"

The Bachelor contestant, Lauren B.ABC

Who is she? A 25-year-old flight attendant from California.

Trademark moment on the show: Leah, another bachelorette, tried to sabotage her by telling Ben that Lauren wasn't being genuine with him.

First impression: Sincere and tries to be drama-free in a house full of women.

Advantage: They have the most chemistry of all the bachelorettes and Ben once referred to her as "his girlfriend."

Problem: Is Ben still doubting her sincerity after Leah's comments?

Is she in love?

Rating: Four roses

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And finally, all about Bachelor Ben:

Ben Higgins featured in a trailer for the new season of The Bachelor.ABC

His official bio describes him as a "successful, sensitive and handsome 6'4" bachelor" who loves "basketball, hiking, fishing and stimulating conversation."

But here's what you really need to know ...

Who is he? A 26-year-old software salesman from Warsaw, Indiana.

Trademark moment on the show: Said that he worries that he might be "unlovable" (cue the women across America swooning).

First impression: Fans loved him before the show even started because he's been to this rodeo before ... He became a favorite during Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of "The Bachelorette" when he made it to the final three!

Advantage: Fans say he's the most sincere "Bachelor" in the history of the show.

Problem: Appears to be falling in love with multiple women. Uh-oh!

Is he in love?