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Another one down! 'True Blood's' killing spree continues

Tara tries to protect Jason at Vamp Camp.

Just last week, "True Blood" fans bid a sad farewell to good-guy Terry and a not-so-sad so long to Governor Burrell. (They may or may not have even noticed the one Vamp Camp hand-donor who met her end or the sniper Eric staked. But hey, you've got to have a name for your death to really count in Bon Temps.)

Now that the season is just past the halfway point, it seems safe to assume the death and destruction are just getting started — especially after one more character joined the list dearly departed on Sunday night.

A real reason for revenge
As it turned out, even Bill's blood — which a distraught Eric begged for — wasn't enough to save Nora from the new killer, hepatitis V.

While Eric held his sister in his arms, she dissolved into a massive pile of bloody goop. (And here's hoping that's not one of the many ways the disease is contracted).

If Governor Burrell thought he got the best of Eric when he had Nora infected, he thought wrong. The stakes were already high for the Viking vampire, but now the war is personal.

Pucker up!
Then again, it doesn't really matter what the governor thought when he shot Nora with hep V, considering that he's long gone now too. Well … that's not quite accurate. Sure, the politician is dead, but his head was right where Bill left it when Sarah stopped by for a visit.

That's how Burrell's gal pal got the news. But instead of going with the run-away-screaming-and-crying reaction one would expect from a loved one, Sarah hunkered down for some quality time with the head.

First she planted one last lip lock on what was left of her man, then she soothed him (for all the good it did) with these words: "Know that your death was not in vain for it will galvanize the forces against the evil we fight."

And she intends to lead the way for those forces. So forget Billith. Forget Warlow. Heck, forget the gov. Truebies, it looks like Sarah Newlin is shaping up to be the real big bad this season.

A woman scorned
As if to prove that point, Sarah went straight back to Vamp Camp and met up with her former love (well, sex) interest and current blackmailer Jason. Apparently, with the governor out of the picture, she was no longer worried about Jason's threats to reveal her less-than-honorable ways.

With no leverage, Jason was out of his new job as Vamp Camp's goon-with-a-heart-of-gold. But that wasn't his punishment. Sarah had her thugs leave Jason with a wound before throwing him in with the hungry vampire ladies of the gen-pop cell block.

Lone wolf
But Jason's not the only one with women problems. On his way back from handling the Sam situation, Alcide told his girlfriend a fib.

The pack master claimed he killed Sam and Nicole, so they couldn't put the pack at risk. But Rikki wasn't buying that story — mainly because she was holding Nicole (and her poor mom) hostage. With that reveal out of the way, the growling pack circled Alcide.

It seems safe to say the Shreveport gang won't back off after a few snarls. In fact, given their past demonstrations of bloodlust and bad-dog behavior, Alice will be lucky if he's not added to the "True Blood" body count next week. (Viewers who've grown tired of Alcide's proud-wolf-turned-total-jerk act this season wouldn't be able to count themselves as lucky though.)