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Anne Hathaway wants 'Glee' guest spot

Big-screen star Anne Hathaway would be willing to put in some small screen time for a guest spot on the hit song and dance show “Glee.”

During a Thursday night appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” the A-list gleek not only admitted her TV-musical aspirations, but she also shared her vision for the very special episode.

“Can I make a confession? In my head I’ve written a part for myself on ‘Glee,’ ” the actress revealed. “That’s so arrogant and obnoxious. ... In my head I’ve cast myself in ‘Glee’ and I know what song I would sing. I would want to play Kurt’s long-lost aunt — his mother’s sister, who is also gay — who comes back to help him deal with his sexuality. And I would sing ‘You Are Not Alone’ from Stephen Sondheim’s epic show ‘Into the Woods.’ ”

“Wow! You really have thought this out,” Fallon laughed.

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