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All apologies: Kurt Cobain bridge nixed

Band diehards wanted to honor Kurt Cobain's memory by renaming the bridge in his hometown under which he used to sleep.
/ Source: E!online

Maybe it's us, but naming public infrastructure after a drug-addicted rocker who killed himself doesn't sound like a winning political move.

And a city council in Washington State agrees--much to the chagrin of Nirvana fans.

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Band diehards wanted to honor Kurt Cobain's memory by renaming a local bridge after the late rocker. See, Cobain had a soft spot for the overpass having often reminisced about how he used to sleep under it.

However, in a 10-to-1 vote, the Aberdeen City Council sided with eight citizens who spoke out against the name change, arguing that doing so would memorialize the life of a rock icon who -- while helping to usher in the grunge era of rock with hits like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" -- unfortunately was equally well known for his substance abuse.

The decision was greeted by applause from those who attended the hearing.

But don't despair, Nirvana fans. As a consolation, the council did agree to name a small parcel of land in a river the Cobain Landing.

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