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Alicia Keys ranks 'The Voice' coaches' singing — and she doesn't hold back

Find out whose voice the Grammy-winning singer likes the most.
The Voice - Season 12
The last time Alicia Keys was a coach on "The Voice" was back in 2018 during season 14.Trae Patton / NBC
/ Source: TODAY

As a former judge on "The Voice," Alicia Keys is used to assessing aspiring musicians' talent. But she's never been asked to rank the singing skills of her former co-stars — until now.

In a new episode of "The Late Late Show with James Corden," the 39-year-old sits down with the talk show host for a game called "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts."

During the game, Corden and Keystake turns asking each other a series of uncomfortable questions. They can choose to answer the question or decline and eat a mystery food item instead.

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After getting Keys to reveal the most amount of money she and her husband have ever paid on a piece of art — $600,000 — Corden asks her to rank the singing skills of her former co-stars on the "The Voice."

"Gwen Stefani is best," she says, then pauses to laugh.

"Either way, this ends in a text message from someone," Corden jokes, acknowledging that it really is an awkward question.

"Well, you know one of them don't have my number," Keys replies.

"Hang on, who doesn't have your number?" Corden asks, clearly intrigued.

"Well, I'll just put him last," Keys continues.

Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton on the set of the reality singing competition show, "The Voice."Trae Patton / NBC

"Gwen Stefani is best, Adam Levine is second and Blake Shelton is the worst."

At this point, both Corden and Keys burst into laughter and it's time for the singer to discover what dish she would have eaten if she had declined to answer the question: a spicy salmon smoothie. But she doesn't seem all that disgusted after all.

"You know what? I could eat that, but why would I taste it after I just risked all of my relationships?" she joked.

For two out of the three questions she was asked, Keys decided to tell the truth but she opted to take the dare when Corden asked her to name her least favorite city to tour in.

At first, it seemed like the singer was going to answer, and she said "When are we ever going to be on tour? I might as well answer the question."

But then, she succumbs to pressure from the show's crew and unveils a platter filled with a mystery delicacy called an "ant-covered kool-ickle."

"I hate you, this is disgusting," she said. "I'm not eating that.

Eventually, the singer agrees to take a bite, but only if Corden does so too.

From the looks of it, an "ant-covered kool-ickle" is as gross as it sounds, and both stars promptly spit out the food right after biting it.