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Alex Pettyfer Strips Taylor Lautner of Stripper Role!

Here's a casting shocker: Wannabe action star Taylor Lautner moonlights as a wannabe stripper!
/ Source: E!online

Here's a casting shocker: Wannabe action star Taylor Lautner moonlights as a wannabe stripper!

A source close to Steven Soderbergh's flick about Channing Tatum's pre-fame stripping days spilled to us that the Twilight hunk was dying to land the lead role in the take-it-off movie. What better way to show off his werewolf abs, right?

So how, did Alex Pettyfer end up nabbing the part opposite cougarific Demi Moore?

He worked for the money! But ya know, minus the g-string.

"Taylor wanted the role really badly," a source close to project (which is still being written) dishes to us. "Alex was also pursuing it super hard."

Great! Except there was a problem: the folks who were considering hiring the outspoken Pettyer had heard he, "could be an asshole," so they were reluctant, at first.

Guess those too-chatty interviews and sleazy tattoos aren't helping his rep. But like any bad boy worth his marbles, Alex didn't give up.

"He flew himself to New Orleans where Channing is filming 21 Jump Street and blew him away," our source explains. "He met with Channing and Steven, and they felt he was the perfect guy to fill [Channing's] shoes."

Or thong, as it were.

Steven was still apprehensive, so he phoned up some references from one of A.P.'s previous flicks, Beastly, and heard that--surprise again!--the dude was actually down to Earth on set.

Good thing they didn't ring up Dianna Agron for a recommendation!

Man, maybe this more reformed Alex we're hearing about lately possibly could be a genuine side to the baddie Brit?

"Steven is all about being real and he sees that in Alex," our spy says. "Plus, the role is kind of punky, so his badass side will serve that."

So who would you prefer to see shaking their toosh for singles? Must say, we're still laughing thinking about Taylor begging to get his striptease on--especially since another source who's working on the project says he'll be shocked if "they don't get into the gay stuff."

We totally called this. Which is why we're shocked Tay would want to get involved. Wouldn't that totally switch his tough-guy ego?

Eh, maybe not. Nothing like good old friendly stripper competition to make you smile!

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