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Alec Baldwin defends self on 'Late Show,' then drops his pants

He may or may not be facing criminal charges after his latest run-in with paparazzi, but Alec Baldwin is keeping a good sense of humor about the Tuesday incident. He visited "The Late Show with David Letterman" Wednesday night and talked about the photo of him that appeared on the front cover of The Daily News.

The "30 Rock" star pointed to his face in the photo, noting that he was forming the letter "f" with his mouth when it was taken. As he explained, it was merely a prelude to querying the photographer about what f-stop he was using to take the picture. 

"No one got punched," said Baldwin. "I think if I punched him, I would be in a jail right now, and rightfully so."

And then, later on, the actor went on to drop his pants to reveal how much weight he's lost recently. So, all in a day's work for the actor-comedian.

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