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'19 Kids and Counting's' Amy Duggar on 'racy' photos: 'It's completely laughable'

Prime candidate for dumb criminal of 2012: The woman who allegedly tried to blackmail Discovery Communications with so-called racy photos of Amy Duggar, the 25-year-old niece of Jim Bob Duggar, star of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting." Amy joined TODAY's Ann Curry on Tuesday to discuss the extortion attempt and share those photos with the world, proving in the process what a ridiculous criminal enterprise it was from the start.

"I've never met her," the aspiring country singer told Curry of alleged extortionist Theresa Hunt, who has since been charged for the crime. "I don't know anything really about her at all.... Those (photos) are from my Facebook account. I posted those. My grandma is the one that actually took those photos."

TODAY was able to show the pictures without any form of censorship because ... well, there's absolutely nothing racy about them. Amy appears in two friendly pictures with family pal James Garrett, who she says has "known the Duggars for a really long time.... It's completely a laughable situation."

According to Duggar, she learned of Hunt's demands -- cancel "19 Kids" or fork over $10,000 -- from a show publicist. According to federal documents, if her demands weren't complied with, she'd release the pictures of Amy in "apparently intimate situations" with Garrett.

"We all were just shocked," said Duggar. "And kind of like, are you kidding me?"

Amy recognizes that these kinds of headaches are just part of being on a reality show. "You don't realize that every eye is watching you, everybody. So you've got to be a really good role model," she said.

And speaking of reality shows, Amy, who has musical aspirations, revealed to TODAY.com that not only has she tried out for "American Idol" before, she's thinking about doing it again! "I wasn't ready for it! I don't think my voice was up to par," she said of her first attempt. Hear what else she had to say about that:

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