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'13 Going on 30' star who played young Jenna re-creates Jennifer Garner's scenes

Christa B. Allen won Halloween.
Talk about a nostalgic Halloween costume.
Talk about a nostalgic Halloween costume.Everett/ christaallen/Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

One of the stars of the ultra-popular film "13 Going on 30" had the perfect idea for a nostalgic Halloween costume.

Over the weekend, Christa B. Allen, 28, re-created several scenes from the film, which she starred in alongside Jennifer Garner in 2004.

The romantic comedy follows 13-year-old Jenna Rink as she wakes up after her birthday and becomes trapped in the body of a 30-year-old (Garner's character). One of the most memorable scenes from the movie follows Rink as she gets dressed up for a Poise magazine party and goes through her new — and very adult — wardrobe.

Allen took a stab at re-creating the scene over the weekend and she pretty much nailed it. In a clip posted to her Instagram page, the actor steps out into the frame wearing a robe and begins to put some makeup on.

She applies bright pink lip gloss and bold blue eye shadow and struggles to attach false eyelashes as the Whitney Houston song "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" plays in the background.

Much like Garner's character does in the film, Allen stumbles upon a bright pink thong and looks a bit amazed then combs through her closet and delights in all the colorful frocks. She eventually decides on a vibrant spaghetti-strap color block dress, drop earrings, pink shoes and a matching bag.

Allen shared the clip on her Instagram page and captioned the post "Jenna Rink forever 👛🌸💕✨#13goingon30."

Her fans were thrilled for the throwback moment and called the costume "iconic," "perfect" and "cute," for starters.

One of Allen's followers even marveled at her dress and wondered if it was the exact same one from the film.

"It's a recreation of the Versace dress! I found it on Etsy," she replied.

Many fans of the film also shared their Halloween costumes that were inspired by the film and the actor applauded them in her Instagram stories, even posting a few of them.

"There has been an absolute deluge of 13 Going on 30 content from this Halloween. You are all so creative!! Please keep tagging me. I love seeing it and enjoying this character with you," she wrote.

The resemblance is uncanny!
The resemblance is uncanny!Everett/ christaallen/tiktok

Actor Alexandra Kyle, who played young Tom-Tom in "13 Going On 30," also celebrated the film for Halloween and posted a TikTok video of herself and Allen getting dressed up in '80s-inspired outfits.

"#duet with christaallen TOMTOM AND JENNA FOREVER #13goingon30 #2000snostalgia #fyp," she captioned the post.

In 2019, Allen told TODAY that she still gets recognized for her role in the film.

“I think because it meant so much to so many people, and it was just such a beloved film, that people are all so excited to see a person that was part of that zeitgeisty moment in the flesh,” she said.