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Todrick Hall shares why he named his cats after 'Mean Girls'

Singer and dancer Todrick Hall is a proud new owner of three sphynx cats.

Todrick Hall never thought he was a cat person. But, after adopting his three sphynx cats, he can’t imagine living without them.

“I love waking up and feeding them and having to take them to the vet and doing things like that. It just has added a level of responsibility that I love. And I love being able to take care of them. And I get nervous for them. And I stress out for them when I'm not around. And I never thought that I would feel like that about a cat.”

All three of his cats are named after characters from the film “Mean Girls.”

“I thought of so many names that people would typically think are really, really cute. But then I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Regina and George!’ I never thought about the fact that one of the most iconic characters from one of the most iconic movies that has inspired me so much (has a) first and last name that are typically two people's first names, and typically a female and a male.”

When he adopted his third feline friend, he knew the perfect name for her.

“She just moved in. I was like, ‘It's only fair that I name her Catty Heron,’" he said, making a reference to Lindsay Lohan’s Cady, who famously transfers to North Shore High School in the movie.

Hall recently partnered with AutoPets’ Litter-Robot, a self-cleaning litter box, as a spokesperson. When he was deciding whether or not to get a cat, he was hesitant to take the plunge because of the prospect of having to clean the litter box.

“I'm quite the high maintenance person sometimes when it comes to that. And I was like, ‘I just don't think that scooping litter was in my destiny.’”

He says the Litter-Robot “makes the entire experience of owning a cat completely different.”

For more with Hall, specifically how his cats have made his life better, watch the video above.