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This penguin walking on a treadmill is the cutest science experiment ever

Go penguin, go! Scientists put this penguin on a treadmill for "research," but we think that's just an excuse for a little Antarctic cuteness.
/ Source: TODAY

Go penguin, go!

Scientists put a penguin on a treadmill for "research," but we're thinking it was just an excuse to witness a little Antarctic cuteness.

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This little guy is working pretty hard.

If we're being honest, it's making us want to get up and exercise — with an awesome soundtrack backing us up, of course.

In case you are wondering about the science behind little Happy Feet's workout, this video explains it all:

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Science Magazine writes, "Male penguins fast when watching over their eggs. But first they pack on the pounds."

University of College London's Astrid Willener and her team wanted to know: "Does extra weight mean extra waddle?"

That might be the best scientific question we've ever heard!

Turns out, by filming penguins walking on treadmills, researchers were able to figure out that "not only does extra weight mean extra waddle but bigger penguins fall down more often."

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We have one word: awww!