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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Chris Serico

If Jacob the police horse keeps painting masterpieces in his spare time, his works just might wind up in the Whinny Museum. (Womp womp.)

By night, Jacob trots through the streets of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, helping officers with crowd control. But by day, in his spare time, he's taken up painting in the pasture — with a little help from Jason Hughes, the police officer who's trained him for the past six years.

"He really likes to grab things with his mouth, and I was like, 'You know, I bet if I gave him a paint brush, and put a canvas in front of it, he'd paint on it,'" Hughes says in a video posted Tuesday on the police department's YouTube page. "And, sure enough, he did. He took to it pretty easy."

Boasting broad brush strokes, perhaps Jacob is inspired by Mark Rothko and other painters associated with the abstract expressionist movement. Or maybe Jacob just enjoys snacking on the carrots he earns on commission. Either way, according to Hughes, "He seems to enjoy it a lot."

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