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Eight shades of adorable: This homemade 'puppy amusement center' works wonders

by Jordan Jackson / / Source: TODAY

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Forget hi-tech, expensive inventions and state-of-the-art designs. This homemade apparatus seems quite capable of performing the toughest of jobs — keeping eight puppies busy all at once!

The video captures the joy of eight little pups as they play in their makeshift "puppy amusement center" — a type of mobile-like structure with dangling bottles and stuffed toys.

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In the short clip, the group of cheerful furry pals frolic about and attempt to climb over one another to reach the hanging objects.

The footage was uploaded to the Starhill Golden Retrievers Facebook page earlier this month and has racked up nearly one million views.

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Because, come on ... you can go ahead and admit it. It's probably the cutest thing you've seen all week.

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