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Not me! Bullmastiff tells on pooch pal after owner finds mess

/ Source: TODAY

Dogs may be man's best friend, but other pooches better watch out. When the chips are down, it's every dog for himself.

At least that seems to be the case for a couple of cute canines who've found viral fame in a video with 1.6 million views — and counting! — on YouTube.

It all started when the dogs' owner spotted her French bulldog (and her floor) covered in toilet paper.

"Did you make this mess?" she asked bulldog Abby.

With no confession coming, the owner then turned to her bullmastiff and repeated the question. But Turner wasn't about to take the rap. With one pointed paw, he ratted out his pal!

Check out the video to see it for yourself. And if that tattling pup leaves you wanting more, get a load of this other sweet snitch in action.

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