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Boy and coyote pup howl together in perfect harmony

A coyote pup and a boy meet — and the result is nothing short of precious!
/ Source: TODAY

If there's anything the internet loves, it's baby animals. There's just something about their tiny features and adorable innocence that can warm even the coldest of hearts! This coyote pup is surely no different.

In a video posted to Facebook on June 11 by Tyler Goodale, who lives in Wappapello, Missouri, according to his profile, a young man sits with an adorable pup while fishing, and the two begin communicating... through howls!

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" buddy finds an 'orphaned' coyote pup.....and then this amazingly happens!" wrote Goodale in the caption. And the coyote seems to have no problem making himself right at home with his new pal. The clip has already received more than 19 million views and nearly 156,000 shares.

Even more adorable than the howling pup, Goodale's friend can't stop laughing from the cuteness!

YouTube user Ryan Allen posted a different clip to the video-sharing network of the two howling away. In the video, the young man tries to understand how the coyote pup is howling. "He puts his tongue in the back of his throat when he does that," he says. Then he tests it out to see if the trick helps his howling skills.

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The unlikely pair make a great duo. Talk about being one with nature!