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Bindi and Robert Irwin introduce their family pug, 'one of the sweetest' animals they know

In the third episode of “My Pet Tale,” Robert and Bindi Irwin detail their immense love for their family pug, Stella.

Robert and Bindi Irwin surround themselves with animals. But there’s one animal in particular they’re really, really in love with … Stella, their 3-year-old family pug.

In the third episode of “My Pet Tale,” where celebrities share how their pets have shaped their lives, the Irwins describe Stella as a loving and important part of their family.

“When we're not cuddling koalas in Australia, we are cuddling Stella, our little pug,” Bindi Irwin told TODAY.

Stella spends a lot of her time at the Australia Zoo, where she hangs out with the animals and is an honorary security dog. The Irwins say she always has a bright personality.

“She never has a bad day. Every day is just awesome for her. She always brightens up your whole life because she's just excited to meet everyone. She's excited to meet the animal. And she just loves life,” Robert Irwin said.

Stella brings so much joy to their lives and they hope others can experience the wonders of owning a pet, too.

“I think everybody should have that little someone special in their lives to keep every day happy and wonderful,” Bindi said.

Learn more about the Irwin family’s life at the Australia Zoo in their new show “Crikey! It’s the Irwins” airing on Oct. 28 at 8 p.m. EST on Animal Planet.

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