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After 3 days, kitten rescued from manhole on busy street

Tera is one lucky little kitten.
/ Source: TODAY

Tera is one lucky little kitten.

Her rescue from the watery depths of a manhole in Phoenix, Arizona, this past weekend took three whole days and the help of both the Arizona Humane Society and the City of Phoenix.

Luckily, attempts to capture the 5-week-old ball of black fur were successful.

So, how did Tera become the center of such a high-profile rescue mission?

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The society's field rescue team received the call about a kitten heard meowing underneath the street on Friday. Kelley Mallon, one of the technicians, was dispatched immediately.

"She wasn't really able to get a clear view of the kitten, and they also couldn't hear anything," Bretta Nelson, spokesperson for the Arizona Humane Society, told TODAY.

"So she went back on Saturday and was finally able to listen and hear the cat by laying down on the ground."

Sure enough, the kitten was still stuck under the road, but the team couldn't figure out how to get her free.

It wasn't until Sunday that Mallon discovered the best way to gain access to the cat was through a manhole in the middle of the road.

City workers popped the manhole and Mallon used a "snake cam" to see how Tera was doing.

She and the team were relieved to see the kitten alive and running around.

"That's when they started to put together quite a contraption to get her," said Nelson. "They took this really long pole connected to a net that we sometimes have to use for cats, and strapped all of that together. Then, they took some wet cat food and spread it throughout the net."

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The rig worked "like a charm."

"Kelley pulled the entire net up and there she was!" said Nelson. "That’s why kitty is covered in food in the video."

After the rescue, Tera was taken to Arizona Humane Society's Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital, where about 11,000 other homeless animals are being cared for.

After a full examination, it was determined that she was in great health. And after a quick bath, the 1-pound kitten seemed as good as new.

She's currently in foster care with Mallon. The humane society said they'd wait until she gained a little weight so she could be spayed and put up for adoption.

"Our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians respond to about 10,500 rescues and animal cruelty investigations a year," Nelson said. "So it's rather common for us to rescue animals from interesting predicaments."

For updates on Tera's status and more information on adopting pets from the Arizona Humane Society, check out their Facebook page.